Clarification needed on the Global Honing Buff

I’m overall happy about the patch, I’m aware some has their pain-points regarding different things, but it is overall a great patch, thank you for bringing this to us!

Regarding the “Global Honing Buff” that we are to receive, I believe there is some clarification necessary, as it’s not as straightforward as I think it should be.

The first three paragraphs clearly explain a buff to 1302 gear, from 1 to 15, ending at 1370.

The last two paragraps are very vague.
Is it also only for 1302 gear up to 1370?
Is it for 1340 gear (Oreha HM and above) from 1 to 15, ending at 1415? (Would be very nice)
Is it in the entire T3 as a whole? (Unrealistic, so highly doubt)

A simple explanation would do, but as it stands right now, it’s a bit too vague to make sense of it.
@Roxx @Shadow_Fox and/or any other CM that has the answer to this!



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Why it is not clear? It says T3 honing costs without refering to a specific point.
Our honing costs were way to high, since we had the same like KR.

So, if it says honing costs in t3 it should mean exactly that: overall costs in t3 for honing will be reduced.
Also the points below discuss the costs for 1302 separatly. "and cost reduced by 50 percent WHEN honing tier 3 item level 1302 from 1-15.

Last two points talking about tier 3 in general without being specific about item level gear.

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we literally are not sure about that

That is wrong information, we had less Gold cost from the beginning but higher material cost.


It’s unclear because it is unrealistic that the last two paragraphs would

  • Decrease the honing cost by 30% gold and 50% experience (Honor Shards + Silver)
  • Increase honing success by 10%
    for the entirety of T3.

No other region has any form of honing increase or cost reduction above the 1415 barrier (1340 gear 1-15)

It would mean that honing weapon past 20 would now be a 13% chance instead of a 3% chance, which wouldn’t make any sense.

Other regions has the Global Honing buff applied to 1340 gear up til it’s +15, meaning 1415 Item Level, and as far as I know, it’s a 20% chance increase and a 60% reduction in materials + XP.


In a world full of copium this would be considered a “catch up” for delaying those things for so long.

That’s the issue, sounds too good to be true, we need confirmation.


Thank you for clearing.

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It is unrealistic to expect it to be all of T3, but to me it’s a hope that it could be for 1415.
Not only would it make sense, but also give that extra help for the people getting to the now simplified 1370, instead of letting them hit a brick wall at about 1400.
(Talking about the people that has yet to reach the 1460 Stronghold Research)

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What is the difference between “Basic success rate increased by 20%” and “Increased honing success rate by 10%”

Also, why does it say “(max 20%)” in the first bullet? What is different about the 20% Basic success rate, and the 10% increased honing success rate?

I mean, the rates will go up, but it’s not clear from reading this by how much.


I’m assuming this information so idk, I think "Basic success rate increased by 20%” refers to the base success rate while “Increased honing success rate by 10%” refers to the added success rate when using success rate increasing materials.

From my understanding, the “Basic Success rate increased by 20% (Max 20%)” means that the Stronghold buff which has the same wording, “Basic Success rate increase” does not stack for 1302-1370 1-15 Gear.

It means that section would be made for the people without a 1385+ character to have yet to receive the Stronghold Research.

Speculation though, but I think it makes sense, considering it says it has a max % count.

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they meant 1302-1370 increased by 10%, and the 20% concerns when you use honing mats to increase % artisan

it’s clear as daylight.

1302 gear is different from the 1340 gear from oreha hard.

You will only get it up to 1370. There.


They wouldn’t include the addition of using materials.
That part of increasing your % is completely separate to any form of baseline increase, and will always be static for the specified item level you are trying to upgrade.

If it is clear as daylight to you, you can’t have read the last two paragraphs.

It doesn’t state it refers to 1302 gear, as the first three paragraps do.

If it does indeed refer to those, why not include it, just like they did for the first three?

but it does. read the patch note again. I actually READ it and it says 1302 gear.

It’s literally in there.

Where does it say 1302 gear here?


It says for these things, but not the above