Clarity on 3 day hold of using power pass after tonight's patch

Hello, Can cm can clarify with the 3 day hold on using power pass?

Gold granted when using a purchased Powerpass will now be subject to the 3-day withholding period before it is usable.

If i understand correctly, when using purchasable power pass there will be 3 day hold for gold being granted to the power passed character?

or if I buy purchasable power pass there will be 3 day hold before i can use the pass?

so what i mean is if I bought purchasable power pass and when i jump the class to 1302 whenever i get gold, there is a 3 day hold?

Can i get cm to clarify this?

Thank you,

It only applies to the tradable stuffs like gold and skins etc.

does the powerpass give you gold? just sounds like the gold you get on the character you powerpassed gets restricted for 3 days (like from abyss dung). Not sure about market selling, but you can sell the important stuff on another char.

You would be able to use the pass immediately, and gold earned with it would be subject to a 3-day hold before use.

Also relevant, though:

is this permanent ? Do characters permanently get that 3 day delay or only once after using said pass ?

For this situation, just after using the pass!

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Ah great thank you ! : )
If a power passes character would permanently have that restriction for weekly earned gold i would refrain from buying any.
The 3 day delay for fraud like anything else is fine.

This game is starting to be just a big joke with all the restrictions.

What next, week restriction to royal crystals?

This is absolutely pathetic.
3-day hold on all bought gold via legitimate sources
3-day hold on gold earned with purchased powerpasses
3-day hold on selling or trading skins purchased with Royal Crystals

Whats next 3-day hold before you can use gold obtained via selling items on the auction house?


Whats those legitimate Sources you talk about?
The other two are Sources that can be bought with real money and are in place to prevent refunding and therefor generating unlimited gold. (atleast thats my guess, which makes totally sense to do if you dont have the completet Control about the refunds)

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Buying royal crystals and then selling them on the currency exchange for gold, thats the legitimate source.
The fact you can’t get gold as and when you need/want it means that there’s a higher chance people will look for alternative ways to get it.

Well, fact is, if the 3 Day lock wouldnt be there, we would have millions upon Millions of Gold each day generated by Botters who refund the Money afterwards. This would create another Inflation as we already had before.
At the moment we can feel it coming back, since the Honing buff made it easier to get to gold for the Botters, but thats another Story.
One way would be to have that Cooldown on the Royal Crystals instead. Thats what i thought about. Since its those that people would refund, not the Skin or gold directly.
There is no perfect Solution to this. Because if someone wants to buy a skin they would have wait 3 days to buy it with their royal crystals.
Another Solution would be to keep track on when you bought how many Crystals and take over the remaining waiting days onto the Skin, so that Users can wear them, and Players who want to sell Skins could get the Royal Crystals before hand and be happy aswell. But i can imagine this being a tough implementation into a already released game.

There is already free Royal Crystals in the Game (i myself got 500 myself) which cannot be sold for Gold. But that doesnt tell anything if it will be easy to implement.

EDIT: “A good way” changed to “One Way”.

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Just be glad they aren’t shutting the entire exchange and trading system down. 3 days isn’t even triggering new world ptsd yet.

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No it wouldn’t be, it would deter people from making impulse purchases which isn’t commercially viable.

Only for compensation not that you can actively go and get. They were given as compensation for the founders packs


is it that damn hard?


Sorry, i didnt meant to write “a good way”. i had another text and forgot to change the Start of the Sentence.

Thats correct, but its technically possible to make them “unsellable”. If you combine that with a Timestamp you could make the Cooldown on the Royal Crystals.

The fact is, almost every other game company has resources in place to avoid this issue that does not restrict the players while AGs chose to punish all players instead, which will undoubtedly push some to 3rd party rmt.

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i dont think its just about the Money, but about the Ingame Economy aswell. If you talk about mechanics, when you mention “resources”, then the 3 day Limitation is a mechanic to reduce the Impact of those Bad Actors on the Game.

Give someway for players to agree to something or whatever to get this kind of flag on it problem solved. However i would have thought the whole “trusted account” thing would have been more than enough to deal with this.
We’ve already been forced to signup to steam guard with mobile 2fa rather than email, and make purchases via steam to get a trusted status so we can trade stuff to other people (which this is also an awfully flawed system. you can trade stuff to people that aren’t trusted but then they can’t give you stuff or even send cod payments)

I’m replying to your statement about the money*…

I’m not referring to mechanics at all… I’m talking about external resources affecting real money transactions and restrictions applied through the ToS to punish bad actors that do not negatively impact all players in game.

There are next to no other games that have such a restriction placed on in game items purchased through real money currency/transactions.