Clarity on bot reporting proccess

What happens after we report a bot? Are they investigated after one report? Is there a threshold that needs multiple reports? If there is a cluster of bots and we report one will all the others bots be subject to investigation, or do we have to report every bot? I see streams of bots running NPC to NPC in the same pattern, shouldn’t this be easy to detect and eliminate? Can we get some transparency on what exactly is being done and how to help?

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I don’t waste my time reporting bots, as there are simply too many, I wouldn’t be able to play the game. They need to hire a few GMs to handle bots. It’s really that simple.

I agree, It seems like one guy on each server could do so much if they just actively hunted them down.

I thought it was really disingenuous for Rox to say they’d need to hire 900 people… what a dumb response, seriously it is. You don’t need people working 24/7 on all servers in real time on 8 hour shifts… you just need a few people moving through the servers slowly getting rid of the bots. As long as you knew they couldn’t just come right back because your detection system actually worked… right now we have an EAC for seemingly nothing.