Class announcements when?

I can’t wait for them to announce the new classes that are coming out next. I just hope they announce it this month and maybe release it in the middle or end of the month.


Naw they would rather nerf the game before announcing a class release.



Im a arcana main. Im play casual right now cuz the class im playing i ain’t really feeling it but if arcana comes out I’ll prolly spend some money to buy her cosmetics for sure and play a lot.

I can imagine Arcana will be far off given Sorc replaced summoner but whos to say they won’t release 2 Classes at once ya know? im waiting for Reaper/Lancemaster

I agree. Just tell us when they’re coming! Just want to know how long to expect Artist. 3 months, 6 months, a year?


I have a feeling 3 classes a month cuz the gm said that he wants ti release all the classes within 2 to 3 months. I will main Arcana/Reaper I can’t wait for them to make a male arcanist tho.

If I’m not wrong it should be in 2-3 months we will get our first two new classes, o Rhino turu Will keep giving us 2 class at a time
We can only hope they post the roadmap soon

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I feel bad for those whose advance class option(s) are not yet available.

Yep, I just want my Lancemaster. This is so stupid :pensive:


Hopefully this week reset we can get the roadmap, and then hopefully on 2-3 months we can get the first 2 new classes

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I only hope they won’t play pointless blueballing with classes. I’ve already told that in 1 thread, but there is no point in not being updated with that part of the game - as it does only harm and brings no benefit. Many people can’t fully enjoy if they hold back because of their desired class.

Game is still developing in KR, so we won’t lack new class announcements to bring people back. There are also better ways to keep people in game.
Classes with planned rework are understandable, but how about rest?


my only hope is that summoner will be the first to be released since they took that out for sorceress and im getting tired of not being able to play what i really want, when it was only of the basic advanced classes the had in the game


They said they will release the roadmap later this month and will give a date when “its closer” and that the roadmap will be include class information. This to me is them saying “when we feel like it we will give you guys what you want”

To me, so many people complained about the raids being to hard and guess what? they fixed it
To me, so many people complained about the queues and bots and guess what? they fixed it
yet so many people are saying “who cares when the classes will be RE-RELEASED just play the game” yet what i dont understand is that they want to rush into more T3 content and yet less then 10% per something i saw said is in t3? well the fix to that isnt easier raids, honing, or what not. Its releasing the classes people want to play so they will stop sitting in vern and just farming resources xD i dont understand. Anywho thats my rant. i hope they release the classes we should of got from the start sometime soon. im tired of waiting when almost all the classes i want to make and try? feelsbadman


We have to make more posts about it! We want All classes to be playable, esspecially the Standard classes like destroyer, summoner and arcana…


I agree to @chris5281994
And i want all of the classes now too. Espacially the summoner


Sorc got replaced because Summoner gets a major rework and I guess they didn’t want to release a class that will just get a big change a month later. And as they didn’t have a dps mage, they took sorc instead.

didn’t he say “one class every 2-3 months”? Ofc I could be wrong about this, but that’s what I remembered at least.

@AZzalor There is debate if what he said was a mistranslation or not.

A Korean player said what he actually said was that ALL classes would be out in 2-3 months, while the actual translation said 2-3 months per class.

Another person that spoke Korean said that it could be interpreted both ways, though.

You remeber correctly thats what the Media said but with this big complaining they just cant Release one class per 2-3 month cycle. They have to Release more. 3 classes each 1-2 months or even better All after April balance rework!

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Do you maybe have a clip where the korean dev says it? My gf is korean and I know some korean as well, then i could confirm the translation.


Sure, here you go! - Gold River Official Interview on Ark Week - Lost Ark Launch - YouTube