Class announcements when?

Maybe, but if they didn’t do it yet with all the complaining in these forums, but they were arsed to nerf stuff, there’s gotta be something going on.

Yea it would be cool but this wont ever Happen sadly, i dont understand why they didnt released All Standard classes this make absolutely no sense to me at all. There are So many people out there that wanna Main other classes than the 15 which exists.


Can’t agree more. Let’s leave the game until they release everything up to Artist. That way if we all stop playing, bots will also stop because there will be noone to buy from them!

Lets also add to the list not returning until literally every skin already developed for the game is available in the shop :heart_eyes:

See you next year, comrades!


This is my biggest wish as well, for them to finally release the rest of the classes. Unfortunately, our wait is currently indefinite. Nobody knows when and we’re only gonna get told when they’re ready to launch. So, yeah. Hoping that this month will hear something on this front.


It’s like really, we are literally begging to play their game.


Requesting classes this way is pointless, unwise and immature.
I had word that would describe it well, but basically it looks like transforming into a child who is angry because he wants candy. Additionally it would had no impact, since majority is okay and no one is this aggrievated to this point.

Don’t get me wrong — I want to be updated with classes as well, but not at the cost of becoming entitled childman.
There were some words before about roadmap etc, but I can imagine it from their side.

Its not like they are just making it on purpose. Also they delivered us this game, which would not be accessible otherwise.


Thank you for response! We appreciate that you guys notice us!
At least I do!


as long as people keep talking about it, their goals and perspectives will shift.

The launch by far has been really great, better than most games. But some of the decision-making and choices are questionable.

Hopefully, they will see the demand of these classes and decide to release them all at once soon.


We know the tactic was “lets keep cool classes for later so people will reroll and start all over again, including shopping materials etc”, but I think it’s time to proceed with this game as we’re missing TONS of stuff

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Scouter main here waiting to play my class :frowning:


So I asked my korean gf to confirm and sadly that didn’t really help a lot. According to her he means that they’ll start releasing the remaining classes after 2-3 months after the release at a fast rate…so neither “one class every 2-3 months” nor “all classes within 2-3 months” are correct.

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I can’t enjoy my game atm bcuz forced to play fake “main”, i always hated something like that, gated classes or races, let me play lance master :slight_smile: and enjoy game


Oh well…

I feel ya.

I beg to differ. Thats the only way you can talk to people not listening to you.

Have you ever been around new world? You couldve loved that game madly and all you got for your months of what you see as “civilized communication” was a spit in the face. All of their decisions were either what players did not want, or trying to do something that players wanted, but breaking two other things in the process.

I feel like youre either new or a company fanboy. Even if you didn’t follow new world, youve got plenty of reasons so far to quite have enough of it.

Things like the pre order packs and how they did not refund it properly.

Lawmaker sets that got refunded not being dyeable

The server issues at launch could have been premeditated easily, since a lot of people warned about it, but instead they did not add the region in time.

Classes. Skins.

Way more. And all we get as a response is “wait lol”. Thats literally all weve gotten in a month of waiting and asking for things

Why are the forums even here though, why give feedback if youre still gonna do whatever you want at the rate you want AGS?

As for the effectiveness i think i heard asmongold mention how in wow ( related to conduites i think) they said something really requested it wasn’t possible.

A lot of players quit on the spot, and what do you know, they did a 180 and managed to find a magical solution.
Im not saying that this isn’t wishful thinking, and is likely never gonna happen with lost ark.

But im over head with company bootlickers that just willingly get themselves bend over. If it was a company that is known to respect player choices and listen to them, not do the opposite, yeah, sure. Id love not being like this and having the easy way out as well, trust me.

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I’m hoping we hear something by the 10th, it’s really stressing me out not being able to play the character I want to…


That’s always been the problem with translations lol, we have three different versions of the same thing, maybe if english wasn’t such a messed up language and it matched more with every other language making it easier to translate to.

Well in this case I think korean is the problem and not english. Korean is a context based language and often the sentences are interpreted and not always 100% clear, especially if you’re not part of the conversation. The translation becomes of course many times more confusing, so we don’t have a very clear answer on this sadly and have to wait for official news.

True, probably depends a lot on the person speaking knowing that it will need to be translated to they end up trying to be very clear.

I don’t recall this issue with FF translations before as Yoshi-p is pretty used to being translated and also speaks at least some english, so that may make the difference.

As far as I know, Gold River really hasn’t had to worry about being translated much personally as their game was mostly for KR audiences before. (RU was always quite small and idk how big JPN is playerwise)

Yeah, I’m new here.

What I meant is, people giving reasons and constantly reminding are far better than are far more effective than kid throwing tantrum and pretending to leave game.
People who do that aren’t worth consideration, since they are actual coin flip.

Of course If people actually would massively leave that would hurry stuff up, since it would scar the game. It might happen with few prolonged decisions, it can even be forced by players, but in the end it doesn’t profit and is unlikely to happen anyway (This forum is not even 1% of playerbase).

You have to wait anyway, so at least do it the way you are worth to be listened to, even in future.
They actually listen, respond and can consider stuff with us.
At least they try for now, for which i’m thanful.

EDIT: They might have made bad decisions before, but I still notice stuff they try to do now.