Class Change Ticket?

PLEASE. I dont wanna touch the striker i chose to have as a main alt before Destroyer came out.

Destroyer was supposed to be here day 1 but it got held back to be released later either “to hype up content” or to release it reworked, but it failed miserably because it didnt have its own pass or express event. (you can say the one with Lance Master or whatever, still didnt receive one for its own release)

Even if i have to buy it god dammit just let me change class, i dont wan to start all over again, I would rather die.

Please, just give us Class change ticket that changeds our weaps and armor with it.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Actually, I would support that Idea.

Especially since all those “Artist when” post can get erased then. If we had a class change ticket, and all people can change their main, people can play this game completely normal and wait for their real main.

Destroyer was destined to fail from the start. The class is just overall unpopular. “Not having its own pass” has nothing to do with that. Also the destroyer was announced the same time as the lance master. You should have kept the power pass/express event for your main class. You said yourself you wanted to play it day 1 and got a basically instant pass to 1100 that you used on something else. That’s a you problem right there.

The real issue imo is that the power passes have an expiration date at all. The express events I can understand to have an expiration date but why do the power passes have one? I wanted to main Summoner, which was a release class until the crowd got their sorceress instead. At least you get to play destroyer now… I still have no idea when Summoner returns. Other than it will probably take at least 4-6 months…

I was thus forced to use the express and the feiton pass on 2 characters that I won’t continue to play as soon as Summoner and Artist release. Until then they are 1340 abyss and lopang slaves. I wish I could have at least kept the feiton pass until I wanted to use it instead of being forced into it.

Class change tickets just don’t work design wise. It would need to convert your accessories as well to something that is of “equal value”. Who decides what that equal value is? How is that value even determined? From what I know as a Bachelor in CS this is not determinable very easily. A value could be approximated based on popularity heat maps but you won’t get an exact value. You could also end up with something that is just not what you intended to play e.g. the wrong class engraving. If you want to choose your accessories you are playing the wrong game.
You need to rebuy or have lucky drops for all the accessories on your alts for a reason. They want to keep a demand for items. That’s also why transfering accessories between characters costs pheons and has a limit of 3. Otherwise people would swap their gear between 6 or more of the same character.

I would very much be in to support for unlimited time on power passes but a no on class change tickets.