Class Discrimination Balances

I want to play classes that is fun but getting tired of the discrimination. People won’t accept you because you’re not top tier DPS.

Need some balances for non meta class. Don’t want to be forced to play something I don’t find fun. So please change it where damage should be somewhat close to each other. Giving us the freedom to play what we want.

Its getting tiresome waiting 30 min to find a room just cause no one wants to play with your class. Feels like a waste of time to the point where I don’t want to play anymore.

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and how do you know it’s strictly because of your class and not your gear/roster level/stats?


I play a Blue GL. Never got any trouble to do content. I am a 5x3 all lvl7 gems with Lost wind cliff and full lvl4 tripods. I am telling you that because you need to be sure if your are not being accepted into content because you have a poorly optimized build.

As a main gl myself, we are basically second priority after supports, so it is kinda a bad example.

But I believe they are most likely playing a non ideal dps. Sad but most games do changes to attempt such balances and there is nothing but waiting left.

Gunlancer is like one of the strongest, maybe strongest.

A good gunlancer that knows when to taunt ? Thats a gamer changer.

Meanwhile i play zerk. Now while zerk is alright, people tend to suck at it, and it also doesnt provide any proper benefit to the group. Given that it lacks any proper buff for the group, it should deal much higher damage.
So while the zerk aint bad, it aint great either, given the skill required ( as ppl seems to have issues with its animation that are god damn long, thus the dead zerks omegalol)

You didn’t say what class is your main, but im guessing its a Zerk? I have a full roster of characters and dont struggle to get into parties. Unless you are running like a pure account with nothing but classes that get excluded/discriminated, you can always just run with guildies and avoid the whole “No party wants me” pity parade.
People have class preferences for a reason, I dont trust blue gl’s in Vykas, cause 90% of puddle drops come from the bubble bois.

When I was bringing up my striker esoteric I was 4x3 full relic gear and got denied. Gear level was beyond what was needed for the content.

Right now working on a scouter I am 4x3 plus 1 no negatives full relic gear as well and still got denied. Roster level is 139. Item level 1472. I got denied today for Vykas. Took me almost 30 min to find a room.

All I am saying is that I don’t usually play meta but that shouldn’t stop me from being able to find a party right?

Depends, applying to a party finder is no different than a job application. If we have 2 equaled dps’s apply, take your scouter for example. Both 1475, both 4x3+1, both have the correct gems and stats, all that good stuff. If the other option brings more to the table for the party, then the scouter is going to get left behind.
It really doesn’t help that scouter is the flavor of the month and has some poopie synergies compared to the list of other possible classes. Could always make your own party and become the discriminator yourself.

Yeah I get the synergy situation. I guess today was the first time took me that long to find a room.- I guess I need to learn the sidereals to host my own cause I don’t want to be a bad host either not knowing how to use the sidereals.

But I think its also the fact that the DPS isn’t equaled right. In terms of classes having two engravings there is always one that is superior and sometimes it feels like the difference is huge like the deadeye for example. It was my first class and main that I enjoyed until late game content and I had to switch mains. The pistoleer doesn’t do as much as enhanced does I don’t it comes even close.

Thank you for your input

Learning the sidreals doesnt hurt, makes you a better player overall. Being able to take the responsibility when you need too help a ton, and i do agree that a few classes can crank out alot of damage easier than others. Lookin at you Poverty Mvp Shadowhunters.

or just dont suck


I’ll give that a try

Yes definitely agree with that even with my striker being as optimal as I can make it the Shadowhunter will still out DPS me

you can also just make your own party, but you already know that right, right?

Yeah not confident to lead but I should give it a try, Just feel bad if I mess up you know

just laugh at yourself if you’re missing nine and nobody will care, any other cereal you pretty much can’t mess up imo, so, give it a shot :+1:

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Thanks I appreciate that most likely will try to host more.

People just dont want scouters atm since ther are low lvl even if 4x3 etc

How can your striker be „as optimal as you can“ with 4x3+1 instead of 4x3+1+2? Gz you played yourself

Roster level kekw