Class Engravings and Balancing

On release, will we be getting the current class engravings and balancing or will we have to wait? For example, the madness berserker engraving.


Yeah, would realy like to know about blade Firm will

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I am quite curious to know if the Gunglinger will get the Peacemaker engraving or at least the one that gives movement speed, crit chance and damage buff depending on the weapons used.

Peacekeeper has been in the Alpha as well as Beta to my knowledge.

I believe question being asked is whether or not we will be getting the most recent version of the engravings as few of the specialization engravings went through a pretty big balance change and also, they also added quite a few new engravings recently, which was not included in the beta client.

I did not know that so thank you for the information.

I am not entirely sure what we are going to get and especially since one of the questions in the thread was about the madness berserker that was barely added recently on RU but since we are meant to catch up then we will probably get the newer updates soon after the release.

I was really just using an example of an engraving that I believe wasn’t in the initial release in tier 1, but thanks for the insight.

Ah, interesting. I thought you were referring to the recent update to Madness engraving for berserker. Although I did not play Berserker, I found class spec engravings available to all other characters I played during the beta, and it would be shocking to find some classes to be missing them.

Many people believe the balance update for engravings will be there at launch but this could just be a bunch of copium.