Class engravings on accessories

Are too rare. If you’re in a low population zone with a low population class, its very difficult to get correct engravings. These should have an increased drop rate. 200k gold per accessory is not okay. At this rate it would take a fully capped roster like 4-5 month to gear 1 character.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts on engravings. I will be sure to pass this along. :slightly_smiling_face:


Due to the systems and speed with which you can actually reach lvl50 and “endgame” t3 i believe this is an intended form of hard RNG…i also believe that’s why there are so many engravings that are considered useless (maybe usable for chaos dungeon builds or “fun meta” builds), to actually raise the RNG factor. This imo has to be tuned perfectly, too many dropping and the accs won’t have any value, hurting the economy itself. Take into consideration that the fact due to which the prices are so expensive is the amount of RMT still present, the weekly/monthly gold income (especially when bussing) and the presence of this big ass inflation. Normally those accessories (same for books) shouldn’t cost that much but I guess a lot of players are trying to “squeeze” as much gold as possible from legit whales/RMT whales and possibly normal players too.

You think its intentional that there are only 2 of the 5 accessory i need posted for last two weeks and they’re 200k each? Come on man. Do you play these unpopular class like soul fist or artillerist on low population server cluster? Yes they made it more rare by design of putting a bunch of useless garbage stats and engravings in the game. I surely hope this was not the experience they wanted us to have though. Its very very difficult to gear some classes right now. We cant all throw money at the game to compensate for super low drop rates on super low pop servers during inflation. Too many situations collided, this would help with atleast 1 of the 3 problems.

its just how market works, if you play low pop class supply will be small but demand also will be small so it evens out

to be fair all class engravings accessories that has specialization with good quality (over 90) easily costs 200k

problem here isn’t the drop itself, but RMT and bots driving the gold values to trash

soon enough RMTers would only need to use 20$ to get 100M gold at this rate, and this will drive the accessory prices up to few millions if not trillions.

i don’t even know what they’ve been discussing about RMT and bots, it’s been silent since few months ago.

They better come up with some kind of amazing solution that works and takes care for the future as well.

If all they’ve been doing and do is bringing in CAPTCHA, we know they are literally mocking us non-RMTers or they just gave up completely and focusing more on New World or their upcoming game publishment of TL with NCSoft.
(I find it funny that all my posts always get removed by the CM whenever I mention about “TL with NCSoft”)

There is no need for because the legal ingame rates will be cheap enough

legal ingame rate will always be more expensive than RMT have you seen how much the rates have gone up since right before vykas

but those “cheaper” prices come with a very high ban risk… currentely I get 103k gold for 100€ ingame… and BC prices are increasing af day by day, maybe it is soon 200k gold for 100€ and maybe soon 300k gold for 100€ … who knows. I guess the merge will stabilize those rates…

very high ban risk yet so many ppl are still actively RMTing…

you can tell that by so many bots are still roaming around, and why would there even be tons of supply of bots if not infinite when there are less/no buyers

it’s reasonable to assume that either the ban isn’t stopping the buyers or the punishment is minimal compared to what they get out of

not in my region… compared to two months ago, it is kinda bot free here. No idea how it is on different servers

Maybe yea and if they keep banning people at this rate, the servers are empty soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

damn that’s nice! i wonder what stopped them from infesting with infinite 1325 bots in your region

in my region(prob not really since i can only speak for my server), there always are ~10 bots regardless of any time in front of punika honing station