Class in June? Just a Yes or No Please AGS

CMs are definitely on forums right now so please when you read this just tell us whether or not there is a class coming in June, because I don’t want to waste it on a Destroyer if there is.

Wait for the june roadmap, in june

There’s no way they don’t give us another powerpass for the june/July set of classes.
The forums would explode if that was the case.

I think you can safely use the powerpass now because they mentioned the powerpass being used for destroyer or Glaivier and since no other classes were announced there would be absolutely no reason for people to know to save it.

I would be floored if ags/smilegate did something that stupid, everything else they’ve done has been within reason but that would be nonsensical.

People aren’t sure if we’re even getting a class in June.

There is speculation that they are going to skip a June release and start back up in July

That is exactly my point? I just want to know.

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I don’t know why it doesn’t show, but my comment was a reply to the one above mine.

I too want to know if they are skipping June.

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