Class Release and Witcher Collab Speculations

So, was talking to some friends about class release like most of the forums we’re speculating that Reaper will be next after Arcanist, then summoner and scouter in February in 2023 followed by Artist, Aeromancer and female zerker, but then here’s were the witcher collab comes into question, if CyFy guy said aeromancer was mage assassin wouldn’t it be weird if the next class theme was mage warrior? A witcher would totally fit that concept, ya think? But that means warrior would have 5 subclasses… Any one wanna add onto that thought?

A new class wouldn’t be part of a collaboration.

Skins, mounts,maybe emotes. Those can likely be earned/purchased that you’ll be able to use forever, but they will need to remove access to them eventually.

Any other game collaboration that comes to mind works the same way. Those kinds of contracts have end dates where they can no longer provide a means to attain them.
There’s no way they would make an entire class with a limited window of availability.

I do agree to some degree, but considering some collabs in the past 2 years such as Genshin Impact’s Horizon Dawn character or Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Thing’s DLC, I don’t think it would be too far fetched to consider. Would definitely generate a lot of FOMO and hype if they did make a limited sub-class.