Class release cadence

I wanted to submit feedback based on how the class release cadence makes me feel as a player. I dont pretend to know anything about game developpement. I simply want to share my personnal experience in regards to classes in lost ark since launch.

I will preface this by saying that i have about 400hrs played and multiple T3 alts. I understand the importance of roster strenght in this game.

My personnal experience in this game so far has been one of conflicted feelings. I wish to main an unreleased class. Knowing of their existence but being unaware of when they will be made available has made it so that i am reticent to investing into a character more than necessary. I really wish i didnt feel like i had to hoard ressources for when “my class” is released. The current limited ressources make it so that i feel the need to “save up” in order for the class i wish to play to be caught up upon release.

For example, i still havent made use of the super-express and the boost. Reason being; i feel like if the proper class is announced for june, i would rather use it on that.

To sum up what i’m trying to express: knowing how economy based this game is, i struggle to enjoy pushing (spending on a character) knowing it will be relegated to an alt anywhere between here and october. Whats the solution to this? I have no clue, i’m no game developper. I just wanted to share how the current class release cadence and/or lack of tentative class specific roadmap shapes my gameplay and overall enjoyment of the game.

This is no, “i Am sO dONe wITh tHis ShiT GaMe” post. There is enough of those already… I just wanted to share how i felt about this whole thing. Hope it helps.


This is 100% my feels for Summoner. Love there only being 1 mage class, makes perfect sense…

I guess i forgot to mention that i dont really care if the “behind the scenes” make it so that the current 1class/month is upheld. I feel like even though we want them all now, the initial plan is already understandably pretty fast. I understand there are other forces at play. But in order to circumvent this feeling of having to be ready at a moments notice, i feel like being made aware of how this plan has evolved since release would help. I think that by now the team behind the game has proven to be reactive about how the community feels. Which is good but also leaves doupt as to how classes are going to be managed in the next months.

I feel like being told the class i want to play is tentatively planned for an october release would dissapoint me, but also allow me to enjoy the game in its current state more.

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