Class release history?

Can anyone remind me what the class release history was for NA/EU so far?

I remember

  1. Glavier
  2. Hammerer
    ?. Artist



  1. Glaivier
  2. Destroyer
  3. Arcanist
  4. Machinist
  5. Reaper
  6. Summoner
  7. Artist

What we can expect next based off KR release order and how our releases are basically in the same order with the exception of summoner as it was an early class in KR is:

  1. Aeromancer
  2. Slayer

Then we have the classes they have minus anything new they get such as “Souleater”


Thx m8!~ Since they swapped glavier and destroyer and summoner and sorc, I pray they release slayer first since they just released a specialist class. Copium hopium delirium

Lol they basically already confirmed Aeromancer for us next, same order as KR lol

  1. Souleater big copium