Class release order!


Since we now know that the classes will release every 2 months, can we at least know in what order the next ones will be released ? So we can manage express events, power passes etc…

Thank you


They won’t tell you because they want to make sure you keep waiting and playing. If they told you your class was going to be released 6 months from now, you’d take a break. They don’t want that. They want to milk you for as much as they can.


Next class will be Reaper 100% no way it wouldn’t be.

It was either gonna be summoner or arcanist to fill the caster gap to 3 (bold af choice for AGS/SG to not do summoner since it has been there since beta). and now assassin class only have 2 so reaper release will fill the 3 gap and even it out.

After that it will be either summoner/scouter.

They are holding out on summoner hard AF though like idk wtf they thinking considering it was advertised so hard in beta.

But knowing ags/sg they might just do something dumb like arcanist > summoner > reaper/scouter and leave the best for last…which would be dumb since thats almost into next year