Class release speed needs to change

Might be, but our version released with way more classes than KR originally had, and we will also get all the classes faster than KR did, so yeah people don’t like waiting but I think it’s okay (waiting for Summoner and the Specialists)

I agree that releasing everything at once at least in terms of content would have been a bad idea. We started in the zone where Lost Ark was “saved” as many say. We don’t know and won’t ever know what the t1/t2 days were like where guardian raids were your end game content. It is awesome we receive new things that KR had already developed every month. But I genuinely believe that the better option would have been to have us on the development schedule for classes and play catch up strictly with the content.

This is a whole 'nother can of worms and I’m 100% in support of everyone who wants to play summoner as they did have it in beta and yoinked it for another class. The bait and switch was just uncalled for.

I personally am at a loss reading through and watching people tear each others throats out over another’s’ opinion, so I appreciate you taking the time to write out your view point and thoughts on the matter.

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I would not care if it was a guy or girl, I do not care I would like a male specialist class personally, but it is what is available