Class release/game development

I’m not trying to sound rude in or anyway, but the classes that are chosen to be release are seemed to be the classes that aren’t wanted in the slightest. And for some or a majority of us who make posts, feedback, or ideas in how they could improve the game, AGS/SG seems to not take into account the ideas of the players. For example, within the new announcement that was released, was stated that the arcanist would be the next released class when a very low player base wants the class to come (from what I’ve seen as well). Instead of releasing the Reaper class, artist or scouter which is wanted by a large player base or at least whats left of the player base. Although AGS/SG try to take into account in how to improve their game and think of new ways to gain more player or keep them, I feel it would be best to listen to feedback given instead of thinking what people want when you could see it for yourselves. I don’t think my opinion matters to a lot of people or maybe even AGS/SG but I’d like to think it does. I’ve spent months on a class which I planned to switch from mains to only to be revealed my main class (Reaper) wouldn’t be released, and I’m sure countless others have as well. I’ve been thinking of quitting but holding onto the fact that desired content/classes would be released but it would seem not. I feel that a large player base or past players would come back if the botting issue/feedback were taken more seriously as well as class release. Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your professionalism also cause im at a state of vulgarity.

Arcanist comes towards the end of July, so basically in 2 months. I’m betting they release Scouter before Reaper, so try again in 6 months? :rofl:

sorry Scouters it is Arcanas time to shine :wink:

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