Class with highest skill cap in the game?

What do you guys think is the HARDEST class to play perfectly. for example you get one in a raid and its a floor POV but then you get another and they carry so hard.

Arcana and Soul Fist


The first class coming to my mind would be Gunslinger.


Well not exactly floor pov imo no class is truly hard but for comparisons sake here is my take.

No hitmaster class will ever be classified as hard due to no positioning.
Headattack is slightly easier than backattack.
Swiftness backattack classes are quite ez due to high mobility.
Full spec low mobility backattack classes are the hardest imo because:
-no mobility skills in general
-slow af due to 0 swiftness
-positional damage with relatively slow animations
-long burst cycles (a 9 second burst cycle is not gonna be a big deal to miss compared to someone with a 20-25s burst cycle)

Classes that fit this criteria are
BT zerk with high spec
Deathblow striker
Deadeye enhanced weapon
Eso WD full spec no dom set

Just not true, both arcana and gs are hitmaster classes which takes a great amount of skill to dish out dmg that can be compared by those giga strong ba builds you mentioned. People forget how hug of a diff dmg is between ambushmaster/entropy/ba synergy compared to the stuff hitmaster get.


Arcana, Reaper, EW Deadeye, DB Striker

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Yeah but for backattack to be good you need at least a 70% backattack uptime otherwise just play a hitmaster class.

Hitmaster will always be preferred over backattackers for new raids and as people learn the raids backattackers outshine them.
Enhanced weapon deadeye is significantly harder than gunslinger because has positional attack , just as squishy , has to sit in close proximity to boss.

I would also add Reaper and most specifically lunar voice due to being harder to commit when it comes to engages and can’t afford to miss combos unlike on hunger.

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I wanna add to this point

Just because a class is easy doesn’t make it easy to do damage

Everyone says how a class can be faceroll, but to bring out the true potential of a class takes work

Case in point: swiftness classes

Swiftness is easy right, spam all the buttons


You need to be spamming all the time

Calculate your risks to see if staying and shooting off that ability is worth it

You have to be ontop of everything, because if you stop for a moment that’s your version of missing your Doomsday

No class is “easy” in this sense, but some are an easier introduction than others


I disagree.

A spec class will always be riskier and harder than a swiftness class will ever be and even if you hit all your buttons as a swiftness class it’s normal to not outdamage a spec class as they scale much harder than swift classes.

On our clown raid with my FI WD (+25 weapon 5x3 and high qual acc) I still get outdamaged by the BT zerker(+23 weapon and 20ilvl lower than me) from our party IF he hits his combo right because well he does with awakening as much as I do in 2-3 rotations.

Swiftness classes are generally high DPS not high burst and once raids become second nature it’s much better to be a spec class. That is also the reason why I switched to 4 spender esoteric on my WD.

While swiftness feels snappy and all your punches are more like jabs than a proper left hook.

Missing your burst on a spec class is much more punishing than missing a few skills on a swift class because your next rotation is likely to be in 15+ seconds.

From what I can speak off I have played DB, Artillerist, Glaivier, Arcanist, Gunslinger and Paladin. The hardest one to play out of those is Gunslinger, but that’s because you’re locked in so many animations all the time while having to juggle the weapons and rotating abilities also according to your con/jud and stuff. If any of those classes were to compete with Gunslinger it’d be Arcanist. Some say DB is harder, but that might be just me maining this class for so long that it makes it feel easier for me

The easiest one out of these is definitely my Glaivier because I made a Control dream build with max movement speed. It’s super nice and good damage too. Probably my 2nd most liked character out of all of these. I played PInnacle before and it was horrible though, never again

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To add on to the Ambush master vs Hit master standpoint, you need 2 very different skills according to which one you’re playing

Ambush master / Master brawler needs you to perfectly know the boss’ patterns, IE Vykas you can pre position according to the ability she/he(incubus) is using once you know all the patterns (i play every martial class on an alt account and back attacking is not a problem anymore on those classes)

Hit master classes (mostly arcana and gs for the record) demand heavy mechanical skill to be dealing sufficient damage, ive felt myself lost a lot while playing GS because you need to be aware of every of your 7M cooldowns + your crit buff + which weapon next/now + boss’ overall hp (should you mainly use sniper or shotgun) which took a loooong time to get used to, even tho now i finally feel comfortable with the char, i still need to focus way more than my WD or red lancer

and theres the classes that mix both like deadeye or reaper but i can’t really talk about them because i’ve never played any of those

I think it also depends a lot on the player and the alt/main situation
If you’re doing an Arcana as a 6th alt you’re gonna struggle a lot, even more if you’re a slow/steady learner type

TL;DR : different skills required, back attacking demands good boss knowledge and hit master (gs/arcana) ask for big mechanical skills so what is harder is gonna depend on the player tendencies, knowledge and overall skill

Soulfist isn’t Hit Master nor is it Ambush Master.

I have a DMG mitigation that can save you if I know the mecha and the timing of something deadly.

Managing my hype requires a deep understanding of every raid. I need to know the game better than you to outshine you as a Soulfist. That’s quite a challenge if you ask me.

Hype 3 has a 50 second CD, which is the same time it takes for my AWK CD to go up so I can proc Inner awakening again.

I need to calculate everything at all time and I need to know at any given time what is going on so I can adapt my hype to the situation.

Other than SF I’d like to mention Gunslinger and Arcana is this very niche trio.

I agree with what you said, which is why I used the phrase I did

While spec is more punishing overall, you still have to keep up with swift classes as well because not attacking at all can be just as punishing as missing your burst

In an ideal environment, spec classes can easily out DPS swiftness

There’s a reason why burst classes are being pushed more as “Legion Raids are favoring Burst classes because of mechanics”

But swiftness stil requires effort to pull good numbers, like all other classes

surge blade? when you don’t have to land back attack on everything but surge and u still do 95% of ur dps output? Not a back attacker. Surge blade is hit master until you surge

Also most bosses have safespots on side/back attack and front attack safe bosses are rare.

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in the words of the great SAINTONE

no class is hard it’s to do with the individual and their understanding of the raid/ legion raid mechs.

not my words but he has more exp with the game


Reflux Sorc is the hardest.

Surge is like 60% of your damage, if you have max tripods on Blitz rush and Soul Absorber, they still deal a lot of damage .

IF surge deals 80 mil, Blitz does around 20mil and Soul around 15-16mil (as back attack).

If you dont play surge as a back attacker in general, u still miss a lot of dps.


the argument for back attack vs hitmaster is kinda flawed as it doesn’t really make a class harder to play it makes it harder to learn fights. But once you learn the fight I really think I have an easier time doing fights on my backattack classes just because alot of patterns are safe at the back. Vykas would be a good example of this.

Scrappers are one of the easiest classes to play and are for sure easier than most of the hit master classes for example. Same for FI Wardancers and Control Glaiviers.

Strikers aren’t really that bad either once you learn the patterns to find spots to charge tiger kick. I think the only back attack class that is difficult to play would be surge just because you have to have a really dialed idea of what the dps is to get maximum value out of surge.

I would say the hardest classes based on mechanical play would be Arcana. Especially with the COD change making it so that optimal play requires alot of rotational changes. If it was last week I would have said Soulfist or Gunslinger.

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very fair point

Yeah I find surge one of my easiest characters.

Whenever people talk about it being hard the main point isn’t even a difficulty/skill issue it’s just “don’t miss back attack surge” lol.

Until you surge just faceroll and reposition.

To maximize DPS/uptime I’ve found RE much harder since you need constant back attacks. Not saying RE is hard, but Surge will do much more damage for much less investment and even effort.