Class with highest skill cap in the game?

Emperor Arcana
Thirst Reaper
Dead eye

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Thats what i was thinking, how is head attack easier… only in that you’re more tanky i guess.

It’s not about the class it’s about the player.

how is head attack easier than back attacking? Most back attack classes have was faster skill animations than the 2 front attack classes with GL and Destroyer and you dont have to literally be facing the boss thats attacking you.

GL is easier than Destroyer bc you can just tank a hit to the face with shield up, on the other hand though it can sometimes be slower moving so repositioning your GL to the front will often result in the boss beginning to turn around again when you get there.

Destroyer you only have 2 on demand push immunity in Endure pain and Earth Eater. Idk I play Destroyer GL and Blade and Destroyer is 100% harder to land front attacks than back attacking on Blade. You have to charge these long ass skill animations and tank hits. Destroyer looses more DPS missing a front attack than a back attack class looses missing a back attack. Striker is a good comparison to destroyer bc it has longer animation than most back attack classes but they are still faster than a destroyers animation.

Okay my opinion. I have 12 classes. And the 12 I play lets order them. They all at 1445.
Hardest to easiest…MY OPINION

Wardancer(First Intention)
Bard(Desperate Salvation)
Sharpshooter(Loyal Companion)
Destroyer(Rage Hammer)

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Do you see this as difficulty ? I mean, it’s litteraly Gamba.

You put everything on your ult, and other than that, IA of the boss allow you to hit or not.

From my PoV it’s not difficulty, just… gamba.

Yeah I enjoy the bomb…the numbers makes you go crazy…I can even handle the miss…but the downtime sucks. You feel useless.

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Arcana is too much RNG and you need to remember what every card does and also position yourself to use them. More awareness needed than the other squishy classes, atleast gunslinger shows you the cooldowns of all the skills before you switch your weapon, Arcana is RNG what card they draw for the window to dps if it sucks the dps sucks.

…that was my opinion. Hardness goes on what you must do and focus on. Gunslinger has 3 guns…Arcana uses 3 colours spells, cards that you must know…card stacks to do dmg with.

You can learn a pattern faster with gunslinger then Arcana.

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There are a lot of patterns that allow you to get off your ult without risk in every fight. Even the ones like the teleports in Vykas G1 you can actually tell where the boss is going to land and precast it. It’s only a gamba if you have little game knowledge and besides that the regular rotation also deals great damage. It’s not difficult probably punishing is the right word if you miss a lot.

That’s true for most classes though. I don’t think there are any difficult classes in Lost Ark but it’s also true that a few are braindead compared to others.

Honestly as long as your are rotating spells well the cards are a bonus factor at best.

The “floor” Dps of an arcanist who gets very few Cull, Judgement, Twisted Fate cards is still quite high with the changes, I would put them below the top performing classes in our version like Scrapper, Sorcerer and Deathblades but def closer to the upper end of mid tier. An Arcanist that gets lucky tho and gets alot of cull judgement pairings is so freaken high that no one can catch them if they are playing very well.

The problem is that the new rotation for arcanist is super rough. So combining that with a class that has rng dps and you get alot of arcanists who think they are doing well but blame low dps on cards.

Id put bard at the easiest in that list.

Reaper, arcana, deadeye and gunslinger

The problem with deadeye and guns is that you need to perform way better than everyone else to get an acceptable result. Your damage will be dogshit unless you play very well, while most classes just have to do their average monke rotation.

Arcana requires some decent RNG (which improved with the latest changes) and some fairly good knowledge and planning, while being very squishy aswell.

Reaper…i watched a 1540 reaper main struggle with valtan bus DPS in one of his alts.

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Reaper is easy man…just fast.

Deathblow is not hard to play

robust spirit soulfist is harder to play than any class you mentioned

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hitting your ult is skill not gamba and your damage is not all in your ult.

robust spirit is very difficult to play because you have to know how to hit your ult, when to hit your ult and when you have to hold your hype so you can use your ult in a situation where you will hit it.

Sorceress is also harder to play well than most of the classes mentioned here.

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Maybe, but the effort neede to dish out competitive damage (compared to other characters) make it seems like a very hard character to play

wtf men, hitting your ult is gamba, not skill

And most of the build is oriented for you to do more than 50% of your total damage with the ult

So basically the same skillreq as any class in the game.

2/10, not really baited by the fact you use the most “stupid” class, sorceress, and compare it to other.

Can do better.

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Highest skill cap? easy question. Deadeye. And here is why:

Lowest Health/Base Amor in the game with GS (bard not included because no grudge)

16 Skills management with 3 weapon swap system

Back Attack reliant (if not back attacking you lose 40-60% dmg)

Most melee class of them all. his shotgun is like 70-80% of his dmg, which alone makes him basically a melee class but to push it even further, 3 out of his 4 shotgun skills have a range dmg modifier. To make is short you do more dmg if you shoot the boss in the ass not near him which means he HAS to be even closer to the boss than any other class in game whilst being animation locked like GS of example.

Oh nealy forgot, he goes spec as main stat so hes slow too.

Mabye not on our patch but on Korean servers, everyone knows. If you have a good deadeye in your party, your probably not going to be mvp. Thats because he does so much dmg (if played correctly). Thats why he has the highest skill cap, being the hardest class in the game and one of the best dps classes in the game IF you play him good enough


Deadeye and generally uptime reliant + back-attack builds like RE Blade, or build that have it tough getting back attacks such as Entropy Pinacle or Shock Scrapper. RH Destroyer is also extremely punishing.

On the side of non-positionnal classes, most entropy users will always classify theim one tier below in term of “skill cap” and for good reason, but there are still some you can mention such as Gunslinger or Arcana. Generally speaking, builds that are uptime reliant and/or high-apm have higher skill cap. You can be a burst reliant build and still have high APM (Example : Esoteric WD, Swiftness Igniter) which further increase the skill cap.

Note : Skill Cap is not about “how difficult” it is to play a specific build btw, do not mix-up “Skill Cap” and “Difficulty”. For example Igniter Sorc (standards spec Igniter, I mean) is not easy to play because it’s slow, seriously lack mobility and also severly punishing (skills have delay before they start hitting the boss, like Doomsday, Rime or Frost’s Call which makes it easy to fail). However the Skill Cap of Spec Igniter is not as high as for example Swiftness Igniter, because the APM is hardly capped by your long CD while Swiftness Igniter suffer from same difficulty (long-delay skills vs moving targets + Burst reliant) but has a much higher cap on APM. I won’t say that Swiftness Igniter is “more difficult” than Spec Igniter, because it doesn’t suffer from the lack of mobility Spec has, but it definitely has a higher Skill Cap. (DISCLAIMER : This is just an example, don’t play Swiftness Igniter !)