Class with highest skill cap in the game?

Ignore her, she does not even know Blitz Rush deals nearly same as 20stacked Surge dmg hit from back. Just ignore she probably outdpsed hard by a Surgeblade. Fact she also does not know Blitz Rush has a tripod which provides additional %40 crit chance.

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KEKW never lost dps to a surge blade which is why I consider them hit master class

You should be back attacking all the time as a surge db wtf…

I don’t know why people are memeing on the wrong people but surge is about ~2/3 of the damage that a db does. You are trolling if youre not back attacking all the time or least try to.

A surge db that plays correctly will out damage everything in this game minus arcana. Yes, they will even out damage an igniter sorc if they have the right party synergies.


i wonder if the people who bring up deadeye actually played deadeye for more than say 10 hours in raids etc.
First of its more like 10 skills (2 synergy, 2 movement, 6 dmg skills) you actually use and not 16 and you only really cycle between 2 stances.

I’ll re-emphasize my point that mechanics isn’t what makes classes hard in this game. It’s decision making because in case of for example Robust Spirit Soulfist that decision making is heavily impacted by the randomness of the boss patterns and your teammates dps. You will do horrible dps for example if you use your hype meter on clown in any way that it is not ready during the big dps window after he is staggered but you are also losing a lot of dps if you hold hype at any point where you could use it and get it back before your next awakening opportunity.

Deadeye while a bit harder mechanically (but easily learnable just by muscle memory) is really straight forward in how you play with little strategic decisions.

This is also why Id rate Igniter as one of the hardest. It is the same as Soulfist in that regard of decision making and skillshots.
Also you can see that reflected by how many players Reflux despite being much worse. I dont think you see that on any other class to that degree how many players play the clearly inferior spec despite being much worse, maybe artillerist because people dont seem to enjoy the turret playstyle.

Ok so first we are talking skill cap, not difficulty (which is skill floor). Apparently you haven’t read my message since I explained the difference there already.


I mean, seriously dude ? I think you don’t understand/acknowledge this game is you think that a Back-attack reliant + Uptime reliant + Super-charge reliant can actually be “the easiest braindead spec” of the game. On top of that RE uses active CDR (i.e. get CDR on action) which makes it double dip on uptime.

Or maybe you base your evaluation of the skill cap for RE Blade, base on your own experience which is … idk Trixion maybe ?

Damn if it was a joke, that was a good one tbh !


Again, in Trixion maybe. In actual raids, it is unlikely that you beat an Igniter sorc. The skill cap for Igniter sorc (spec at least) is rather low and the dmg ceiling rather high (mean that an average Igniter Sorc will already deal a large portion of its potential). You’ll have to be extremely skilled and experienced in the content you’re running, to barely match an average Igniter Sorc, and there is absolutely no chance that you beat an extremely-skilled-and-experienced-in-the-content Sorc as a Surge blade in actual raid scenarios.

People that swear back attack makes things infinitely harder. I would argue having huge animation locks and being one of the squishiest classes in game arguably makes it much harder.

Regardless the hardest class to play properly is RS soulfist.

SF and crit/spec GS come to mind

DB/Striker/Reaper are fairly difficult in some gates

I haven’t touched arcana/deadeye so I can’t comment on their difficulty.

From what I know about deadeye is that he is short ranged back attack with a shotgun, but only has to manage 2 weapons instead of 3 and can deal incredibly high burst damage with more forgiving animation locks over GS.

After playing reaper i can say it is not hard its actually very easy because they can dash through the boss multiple times.

Surge db is benefited more by stronger party synergies. If he gets double crit synergy or a gl+crit syn, igniter sorc will never beat him. A gl by himself gives almost 20% increased damage to back attackers. Sorcs cant win.

I mean give me 2x 10% crit synergy or even better, FI Wardancer synergy for example, and we’ll see who have “stronger” synergy.

But anyway it’s not about synergy, you’re not gonna beat a ranged hitmaster class that have similar dmg ceiling than you as a back-attack reliant class in real content, period. Unless the Igniter sorc plays really bad when you played really good.

But at equal skill level ? Nah, or maybe once every 2 blue moon when the boss will give you blessed RNG on patterns. Don’t cope too hard bro, 99% of Igniter Sorc are performing below 50% of their skill cap which is already rather low to begin with. (Not to mention that they’re all trying to play a build that is extremely unreliable at 5x3 without bracelet and higher gems (basically Spec/Crit Cursed Doll) which doesn’t help with theim performing as they should.)


RE blade is super linear gameplay, it is laughable that you claim back attack or uptime reliant or SUPER CHARGE reliant as marks of difficulty.

Obviously Gunlancer. :slight_smile:

From a different perspective though since people already said the highest skill cap classes, I’d say Scouter. He’s not really hard to play, but you miss 1 meter gaining ability and you are kinda useless for like 8-15 seconds if you can’t make your purple skills fill you the rest of the way. And his EL counter is on 1 of his highest burst spells so don’t expect a Scouter to be very reliable at countering in form.

reaper has to be up there because it’s actually difficult to not suicide with her

other than that surge is knowledge difficulty not mechanical difficulty

arcana has to be top 3 due to proper card utilization instead of just spamming

in terms of functional difficulty to play in a raid it’s probably deadeye
since he is slow as shit has poor mobility and is a positional class

dps paladin is also worthless in this regard

gunlancer beomes fun on clown
i hope the trend continues where it’s not press z and smash face

Deadeye and slow :rofl:
Hes faster than my striker db

Any support class = highest skill cap.

You’ve gotta keep 3 people that try very hard to floor PoV alive.

All of those DPS classes only have their 1 target they have to worry about :upside_down_face:

have you tried playing deadeye it’s the same shit

you have like 1 slow dash and 1 movement ability that helps you reposition through slows

i think it’s much harder than striker since not only positional but also proximal gameplay makes it very unforgiving to poor positioning

Back attack is also the dumbest thing ever, they said a year ago they were going to remove it altogether but it’s one of the many promises by SG that never came to be.

Dont worry i play striker deadeye db reaper, i guess i can say i know my stuff

You have much easier time to position with deadeye than striker cuz u have to use all ur skills to gain gage as striker ( your movement skill aswell, so u are running the most of the time )
And deadeye has 2 movement skill and 1 of them i can use twice which is way more mobilty than striker

As backattacker u have to know all patterns and if u know it, not a single back attack class is hard not even reaper… When the koreans said it floor gameplay, in reality its so easy to play