Class/Content release rate - A healthy discussion

Hey! I’m creating this topic to discuss your thoughts on the Classes and Content release rate and how to keep the community hyped for it.

The game is slowly dying, players are leaving every day because of many reasons: Bots, RMT, repetitive content, lacking the class they want to main, toxicity, friends left the game and now they are alone, prices are too high and now they can’t catch up after switching main, and the list goes infinitly. Puting to the side the Bots and RMT that are almost unsolvable issues, how can AGS/SG manage to keep players and make the ones that leaved come back?

We all know that this is not a new game, just a new release.

Lost Ark has been released in Korea in the end of 2018 and has received a lot of content and classes since than.
Most important, currently they have in total:

  • 5 Legion Raids: Valtan, Vykas, Kakul, Brel and Akkan.
  • 23 Classes: Aeromancer, Arcana, Artillerist, Artist, Bard, Berserker, Deadeye, Deathblade, Destroyer, Glaivier, Gunlancer, Gunslinger, Machinist, Paladin, Reaper, Scrapper, Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Sorceress, Soulfist, Striker, Summoner and Wardancer.

The western version of the game was released on February 2022, almost 8 months ago.
In mater of classes it was a bit controversial as some of the base classes, that were released with the game in the KR version were not present in our version while some classes that were VERY recent released were included in the release.
Currently we are lacking:

  • 3 Legion Raids: Kakul (that is expected to come on 09/28), Brel and Akkan
  • 5 Classes: Machinist(confirmed to come on 09/28), Summoner, Reaper, Artist and Aeromancer.

I have 3 main things that I would like to discuss.
The content release rate: Legion Raids, continents, islands, events, etc.
Classes release rate.

1 - Content Release Rate

In a few days we will be only lacking two Legion Raids: Brelshaza (NM G1/2 - 1490) and Akkan (NM 1580). We also have Kayangel (NM 1475) that comes with Elgasia continent. This is the main content that KR got from July 2021 to August 2022.
If you play Lost Ark and consume any kind of video and/or stream about it, you know that honing to this contents is not a easy (or cheap) task. Many KR players were not ready for Akkan Hard (1600) even with one year since Brel release.

Vykas came out on June 30 on the west, this makes 3 months between her and Kakul (expected on Sep 28). In this meantime, the community is already raging about the lack of content, many are leaving and not coming back.
We all knew how repetitive Lost Ark is, major contents like new raids and dungeons take time to be developed and released. But when they do, it is fast to make it farming content and repetitive again.

In my opinion, the rate that Content like these raids are being release on the west is fine, we need time to hone and get to the content. Making it faster would be interesting in short time, but we would lack content just like KR, also it would pressure people to hone to be able to keep up with the last available content.

So, the question here is: How will AGS deal with the community eager to have content while it is impossible to release it faster that it is without having drastical consequences?

2 - Classes Release Rate

It is not news that Class Releases in the western version of LA is a mess. Destroyer and Arcanist were in the base game in KR and were later released here. Striker and Sorceress were released in 2021 in KR and we had them at launch here. Meanwhile, Summoner, who was also in the base game, doesn't even have a release date.

As I said before, this is not a new game, just a new release. We all know all the classes, their names, their skills and builds. The only surprise that we get is which class will come next for us.

Lost Ark is a game where you need time to catch up the content. Even being bussed, if you switch your main today you need time to get to level 60, time to gether shards to hone, time to do some Valtan and Vykas to get your relic set.

It is dumb to threat us like we are blind and don’t know the classes. There are MANY pleople that are forcing themselves to play other class just to do the content while they wait for their main class to be released.
We are not in Korea, the classes are not new (Artist is almost 9 months old already). Most people already knew which class they were going to main when the game came out 8 months ago.

Imagine that someone will come back to play Machinist now on Sep 28, ignoring Bots, RMT and the Prices of everything, they will have to deal with: low character level, no skill points, no horizontal content done, no stronghold buff to hone, only Argos bus available, Valtan and Vykas gatekeeping. By the time they get to Kakul, they will be lucky if any party accept a player with low gems and no 5x3 eng.

Now lets imagine someone that is playing since day one, waiting for Artist or even Summoner/Reaper release. Imagine how tired they are for playing a class that they don’t want to, just to keep up with the content so they can have their account ready for the class they really want to play. And they don’t even know when that will happen, it can be in 2 or 8 months.

People just want to play their classes and keep up with their friends. I’ve started playing when Destroyer was released while my friends were playing since day one. I could not do Vykas with their mains because I was too behind. I will not be able to do Kakul with their mains because they alredy got a full party since that Vykas. I feel for people that got to the game now and are months behind in content and can’t play with their friends and only have alt parties to do the content, where everyone whant to do it fast and without mistakes.

Do you think classes should be released now? Like, all of them.
For me, classes are not content, release them faster.

3 - Hype

Finally, the hype.

If tomorrow the Lost Ark twitter account post a image of a dagger, everybody will know that Reaper is next. If it is a brush, Artist. Umbrella? Aeromancer.
No one will be “OMG WHAT CLASS IS THAT? Will I want to main it? What are her skills?”
There is no surprise or hype. The only thing here eager to FINALLY play that long wanted class.

Same thing for the raids, if you don’t live in a cave you know every gate of Brel already. Same for Kayangel and Akkan.

How can AGS create hype for something that is already there?
Is it our fault that we consume content and get spoiled about what is coming?

Hype is also important to bring new and old player to the game. How can they hype people to come to the game while these people know how far behind they are, and how hard it is to start in the current situation of our regions?


West has no hype/surprise for the Class/Content release. Content is being release at a good pace as we need time to build and hone for it, and making it faster would lead to a massive lack of new content. Classes are taking too long to be release since we all know all the classes, how they play and build.

obs.: sry for any grammar error, english is not my main language :3

imho, class is not content. class is the tools we use to play the content. release all classes now, and release more content please. thanks.


Could not agree more, especially in Lost Ark.

Each Alt is a carbon copy experience of the alt before it and your main. No unique story, quests, zones, anything. They use the same resources as your main, follow the exact same story line, farm the same sets, kill the same guardians and legion raids each week.

Classes in LA is just a vessel to repeat the exact same content over again. We use alts to provide us more daily lockouts.


I agree many stuff.
I think class is also a new content. If class not new content than region raid also not new content. You already see fight know every pattern, just you cant play it now.
I personaly prefer if every class came out with power pass.
Let say 7% of the player base want to test out the new class. 1% want to main it and other 6% swaping 1 of the gold farming alt or just stay lopang. Without power pass not many player want to go to t1-t3 just for make 1 more lopang alt.
Other side is to give 5 power pass to the bots it probably not a good idea.while 1 power pass just every 2 month is not impact that much.

As for hype, I dont understand why not hype kakul and other legion raid more. They can anounce the release 1-2 week earlier with some good trailer,so the player that just take the brake can come back and prepare

This far down the line I don’t expect any change in class release speed. Super ultra tiny chance they give us a bonus class in December – but honestly I doubt it.

There’s 0 hype for anything currently in this region, which is a bit unfortunate. It goes for all the other regions too that were catching up. Smilegate are not good developers.


thanks 1st post pointing out obv he gut suckered

the game actually has no content compared to other MMOs.
It forces you to make alts you don’t like to prolong the tedious chores essentially masking that the game is basically grind 6 days a week for 2-3hrs of raiding.

The dungeons are lacking.
The horizontal content implemented so poorly most just Rapport bomb stop horizontal as soon as they get SP which takes prob 1 month tops to get most of them.


In this game, the sad reality is that classes are indeed content.

I know, I know, the tools to play the content, which is minimal, but you are literally ignoring the game core includes alts

Truth is, this game have 0 content besides legion raids which are once a week. And playing one char, it would become a game you play once or twice a week. There is nothing else.

This game however, covers its lack of content and endgame by revolving around the idea of making more than one character to feed a “Main”.

The only way the game can incentivate you to spend more time on it, is by classes. Which is why in a game like this, it is indeed part of the content. They are not “Tools”, alts are a MUST for this game and the only way you will not burn out, respect to those who can, is by not playing the same class 6 times a week.

The rest, I agree completely. Game is not “Dying”, genre is stalling, community is horrible and gameplay is subpar.

+1. Alts exist to stretch out dry content

In this meantime, the community is already raging about the lack of content

i think people don’t know that MMO updates come in 6-12 month increments
ima just give a few examples

Lineage 2
C0-C1 > 3months
C1-C2 > 6 months
C2-c3 > 6months
c3-c4 >12 months
c4-c5 > 9 months

Release > Burning Crusade > 2 years and some change
Burning Crusade > Wrath > nearly 2 years
Wrath > Cata > 2 years and a month
Cata > Pandas > almost 2 years
Pandas > Draenor > 2 years and some change
time skip cuz im lazy
Shadow lands > Dragonflight > going for 2 years + now

Release > A Realm Awoken > 5months
A Realm Awoken > Through the Maelstrom > 4 months
THrough the Maelstrom > Eorzea > 2 months
Eorzea > Dreams of Ice > 4 months
time skip
ShadowBringers > Endwalker > 2 and half years
Endwalker > w/e comes next > close to already an year past

Now lets do LA
Korean releases>
Release > (ie t1 t2 and t3) all got released in 7 months
T3 > South Vern > 5 months
South vern > Rowen> 12 months
Rowen > Elgacia > 4months
Elgacia > whichever comes after > pushing through 5 months

LA in the WEST releases >
Release (with t1 t2 and t3) > Argos > 1 month
Argos > Valtan > 2 months
Valtan > Vykas > 2 months
Vykas > Clown > 3 months
Clown > Brelshaza > (hopium 2 months maybe 3)

dear people who have never played games that aren’t on a bi weekly content updates like league
Respectfully i’m sick of you and your childish whining

You are free to go play something else while new content gets released here
NOTHING is keeping you to keep playing after you’ve beaten vykas and gotten your relic set
Literally nothing is saying keep playing

Most of you are ready for content that will get released this or early next year
GO play something else
GO touch grass

Stop shitting all over the forums
Just because YOU speed ran the game doesn’t mean every one is doing it
some are playing an hour or 2 a day only 1 character and are getting there when they get there
the devs should neither cater to your speed running ass nor to those who are taking their time.
The releases should come when ever they are ready and not before or after…

just stop it already


The release is fine. Since everything is already there. They sure put more effort in dealing with bots and rmt.

Is not not like they are trying to design new content for us. Which takes a lot of time and effort. But yet, it seems like zero effort is made to deal with bots and rmt; hence, players are leaving

Players just feel like they don’t care. Every issue player rise. It is either ignore or get: I will let the team know. Days and week pass, nothing and players are still talking about the same issues…

I understand the viewpoint and of course sympathize with more casual crowd to catch up. Actually think Clown being pushed is fine so more players can enjoy it, but the cost to have your unreleased “mains” or whatever you want to call it catch up to current content is pretty absurd and frankly the business intelligence monkeys, respectfully, have no clue what they’re talking about.

If I want Artist to catch up to Brel in 2023 with what I imagine would be a 1415 Hyper Express, assuming that within the event there is an easy way to get all pieces to +15, then I’d be looking at hoarding 240K Raw Gold, 32 Million Silver, and overall approx 1.1 million gold in material (GHL, Shard Bags, Stones, Fusions).

This is assuming average honing scenario and a 19 Weapon/21 Chest, but variations of that could differ and not impact the total price that much.

I’m not sure there are many people who want to do something like that. But this is the reality of their shitty drip feed strategy. I’d rather just push a Paladin/Bard in its place.

That is ultra omega wrong.

There was more than 5 month between the release of T1/T2 on KR.
Season 2 with T3 came 1 year after the release.

Why didnt you put the time between boss in KR too ?

Release > T1 boss (Kaiser) 3 month > T2 release 2 month > T2 boss (mystic) 2 month for example.

S2 launch > Argos release => 1 month
Argos > Reaper => 1 month
Reaper > South vern => 2 month
South vern > Valtan => 1 month
Valtan > Vykas => 1 month
Vykas > Kakul => 2 month
Kakul > Abrel => 3 month
Abrel > sorceress => 1 month
Sorceress > Artist => 4 month

By not saying this, and telling people you’re sick of people who can’t wait, you just don’t have any intellectual honesty, and you can’t be taken seriously.

And everything else you said can be said to you on the opposite way.

You are free not to come to the forum if people complain too much for you etc etc.


My complaint about the lack of content isn’t so much about the speed at which they continue to deliver the pre-existing content to us, but the overall lacking of actual content.

You have your one and done stuff, Field Bosses, Islands, unique Una Tasks, Horizonal farming, etc and that is all well and good. But as it is a one and done experience it falls off pretty quickly. Some might say that’s crazy there is so much of it to do but when it’s broken down you realize there really isn’t. Most is time gated for one and the rest can be burned through in a week or two.

So that is the side dish of say, 100 hours of in game content.

Next you have the meat and potato’s. It feels like a lot of content, especially since you are encouraged to create a large roster to experience the content multiple times, but broken down it’s very, very limited.

Lets pretend for a moment Alts were not a thing.

First you have leveling and the story. This eats up most of the “unique” content. As anyone who’s done the story multiple times will tell you, it isn’t exactly a great experience… But it does get you out exploring, seeing the world map and getting you excited to explore the game overall. Some people this may take some time to burn through, others can do it in 24 hours.

Next the daily Procyon event, which consists of repeating the same Adventure Island, Field Boss and Chaos Gate. Each of these events are a 5 minute thing. Early on you have a huge schedule since there are unique items to collect all over the world. This is the biggest content driver of Horizontal stuff at least but it still is a one and done experience, as you check stuff off your list there is no reason to return.

You have your daily chaos/guardian dungeons which would be a max of 2 each day, these are pretty much static at this point and have generally been the same concept since you finished NV story line your 2nd day playing.

You have your weekly quests which consist of either doing your chaos/guardians anyway or running a cube/boss rush. Pretty standard weekly content for a game.

Finally you have your Abyss Dungeons and Legion Raids (clump Argos into whichever you like). These are the content drivers. These are what people build the character to do. On release they are super fun. However, they are still a single time weekly checkbox.

So all told in a week, a single character with no Roster has ~3-5 hours of content. Since the game isn’t sandbox, the player isn’t creating content itself just by interacting with the world.

Now you tack on 5 Alts and that content increases to 15-25 hours a week. Less likely since most events are Roster bound (Procyon, Horizontal, etc)

This isn’t a complaint against the game, only that as far as Vertical progression for a game 3+ years old it does feel lacking and very, very linear. Adding on another weekly box to check doesn’t increase the overall content by that much, and outside of Legion raids there just isn’t all that much to do.

TL:DR I miss my overly grindy sandbox MMOs lol

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mmos used to popularize the subscription model

expansions or DLCs used to be Quarterly as in ever 3-4 months update
I can nitpick games too all day

finding info on specific releases is really hard
and you are also forgotting that we also got destroyer glavier arcanis and now scouter in the span of 8 months
we are on track to get akkan in 6ish months

which is enough for everyone to do the content at their own pace with the amount of juice we are getting

imagine getting brelshaza on day 1
there would be maybe 30 people across the game that would be able to attempt her at the 1st and 2nd month
do you want to look at the whales spending 100-500k $ and thinking well cool i have to grind for 10 months to get tot hem

or how about we get juiced to the moon and roster 50s are at brelshaza?
people who don’t know how to do vykas normal at 1490ilvl in your brelshaza pugs?
you’d have such an amazing time playing the game then

My complaint about the lack of content isn’t so much about the speed at which they continue to deliver the pre-existing content to us, but the overall lacking of actual content.

ok so if you are not satisfied with the overall amount of content in the game why are you still playing?

3 classes that were already there before season 2.

There is too much thing to say in the end about this.

Summoner ready since the BETA, not in the game yet ? That’s a joke, something that cannot be defended.

That’s already the case.

I wasnt able to do Argos 1st & 2nd week, because i didnt choose to put money in the game.
Those ppl put money in the game, of course they are ahead, that’s the whole story of this game, but even if they are ahead, they are limited, and i’m not, because i’m the average player, and game is supposed to follow me.

I think we should stop being delusional here, there is ALWAYS people like this, in every game, they are a minority.

In the end we have a copy, a late one, of the game, and it’s not a neutral argument.
We should have thing faster than Korea, or atleast at the same speed, because 90% of the job is already done.

From the moment the game was launch without Summoner/Destroyer/glavier/Arcana, we were sure it was bad managing of the game.

And the current state of the game prove it, in many way.

It can be the different post on forum/reddit/twitter because we’re not sure if Kakul is coming with Scouter, not because it wasnt something said in an official way, simply because people don’t trust AGS.
Or with the price of all the importants things, that are on KR price, when we have half of their gold income.

You can’t publish a game that started 4 years ago, take the state of the game 2 years ago, but don’t put on it things that were here 4 years ago, it’s not healty, nor acceptable.

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That’s already the case.

it is not

i have been playing the latest content on day 1 always without paying a single cent

the only reason im playing this game is because i can keep up with the spenders

games that are blatently pay2win to an extent where non paying players can never catch up is a game that gets popular initially and then drops off a cliff

ALL mobile games live for 2 months because of this
only the spenders are left who jerk each other off

me and my entire friend circle would not have given this game the light of day if what you wanted happened
i guess what we want doesn’t matter as it isn’t what you want right?
only you matter after all since you are willing to pay for it

oh and i was playing only 1 character until 1415 and i did argos p1 day 1 and arogs p3 on the 3rd week
i was valtan ready on day 1 and vykas ready on week 1
and vykas hard ready on week 3

I am currently clown ready
and close to being brelshaza ready 3 months before she goes live

You and your friend wouldnt want to play the game if… we had all the classes, and content we’re supposed to get ?

the moment i would see a whale doing content that i have to play for an year to get to i’m deleting the game