Class/Content release rate - A healthy discussion

Then you’ll delete it at Abrelshud, because that’s when Esther weapon become something.

But if you want my guess, you’ll be deleting the game before this.


the thing with esther is that it’s absolutely not necessary to play the game or any content

im also pretty confident that whales will fight each other for those esthers and they will still take months to complete the esther to a usable level

also talked about content
not some arbitrary item

i could hit the goat cow and booba on week 1 and i’m happy
im gonna hit the clown and purple lady on day 1 so im happy
if they keep juicing us properly will hit the shiney boy and the horror man on week 1

the only reason i would not be hpapy is if they release those raids at those requirements tomorrow and my only chance of getting to hit them is to pay
if i have to pay im quitting

it’s that simple

Oh, i see, yeah that’s a pretty reasonable way of seeing things i guess, got nothing against it.

I’m part of those ppl thinking we should delay content to get classes so… :>

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for classes i can’t argue i wanted to play reaper on day 1 as well
but for content in general i am very content with the release rate

at this point it’s a bit slow for me but i have people in the guild who are not even vykas hard ready
so i am in no way convinced that we have to pressure them to pay with faster releases
i don’t think we should delay content past the announced release date
i’m pretty sure they have calculated that with 4 characters and optimal resources generation and average luck people should be ready at the breakpoints

i don’t like how they do it in korea for example because every release is designed to pressure people into honing and spending

It’s good for them, but we shouldnt even think about putting them in account.

If people are not ready Vykas hard right now, while playing since before Valtan, then they are too slow, and should adapt, or accept the fact they’ll be behind for some time.
It’s a MMORPG game, time = progression.

Because even if they complain about it, in fact they love it.

There is also the fact that this game is designed so you do the NORMAL mod on 1st week of content, and not the hard mod.

There is pressure on people on KR, because they put it on themselves, everyone was ready Akkan when it was out.

around 15% were ready for normal akkan

15% of all characters. This includes alts

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To be honest my main problems with this game are: Lack of communication and Hype Marketing. You can’t expect to release a game with 4 years and say “people don’t look for spoilers don’t look at korea” bro, literally I wanted to play this game since late 2019 thanks to the kr videos and content that I saw, I understand that they have to make a cadence but for me class are not content, I keep playing because I love the game and I was waiting for years to play this but literally all of my friends left already because a lot of reasons, one is because they just don’t want to play one class they don’t care until they can try something they like.

For example I have a friend who loves to play the rogue role and no, deathblade is more like duelist, so yeah he left the game, another friend who enjoyed summoner a lot (he mains summoner in FF XIV and warlock in wow) wanted to play summoner a base class, and they just deleted her for no reason, when she was in the alpha (and I think beta), why they couldn’t keep sorc+summoner lmao and bring her rework later on.

And I’m not going to speak about lack of communication we know already about this topic. Man I really love this game but the decisions they made are soo bad, gatekeeping all content I think its not a good idea, we should catch up to KR asap. I’m sure they are going to release Brelshaza in january when I see a lot of people in 1490 already (with their mains), I’m sure that brelshaza for december would be perfect, 3 months for people to reach 1490 is enough.


Well you have to explain why did this happen and the answer is simple: lack of communication, after 1 year without information they just announced it 1 week before the patch, basically all the players in KR didn’t expect that and they were honing alts not mains, they parked at 1580.

exactly as i said i was not too happy that they were milking their player base
they can always just release skins to generate money and skins generate way more in the long run

so pressuring players to swipe for content was a bad move
but they have been doing this a lot

15% of all characters. This includes alts

this means that they were even fewer players because a lot of whale accounts were 1610 on 6 characters

Honest answer because there isn’t much else out that scratches that grindy itch. Also I never said in any of that that I dislike the game, only that the content is very linear and a bit lacking for a game of it’s age.

I can create 12 Berzerkers and do all the alt stuff on them.
So no, classes are not content since just ONE class is enought to do everything.

Basically classes are the tool to do content, so everyone should use the tool that they like

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Dead August + Insane Inflation = Smoge Ark

Only thing to do until September update is chores, but chores feel pointless when certain class books cost 400k gold. Or when 100 pheons cost like 25k gold and you gotta cut some rocks

Agree with everything.
The class thing is something that is quite tricky to understand tough.
New class releases are definitely hype generating in KR and i would even go so far to say that they can be treated as content over there.
Problem for us is knowing them by now. There is no mistery surrounding them. It’s not like we have only seen the SG class announcement trailer with 5-8 skills and as soon as the class hits the servers we can explore all of their skills and all of the different tripod combinations and theorycraft builds to then try them out.
For us all of this is long gone and eaten, chewed and digested multiple times. The best builds in terms of skills/tripods & engravings have been discovered and the west is just waiting to finally get their hands on it.

Another thing that saddens me a lot is the argument brought up time and time again. “We are releasing content in a much faster rate than the original korean version”.
Why are they trying to make us look impatient or even entilted when it’s clearly not the players fault the game got released 3+ years after its release in 2018?
How is it okay to ask us for patience / painting us as impatient when we were waiting years to get the game in our hands (legal and with a reasonable ping)?

Well thats my 2 cents.
And mark my words. As they stated the 2 month class release schedule is so far only planned for the release of the “old” classes (scouter/summoner/reaper) i bet they will release artist and aeromancer every 6 months to “generate hype” in all of 2023 with them!

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I will give my perspective as a non-casual F2P player main support that have a lot of FOMO and want to be main Artist from the start.

1 - Before Game Launch

On the Open beta i choosed to play with Bard because i didn’t even wanted to try Paladin at that time. I liked Bard but not to the point of having her as a main because i had a lot of headache because of the Music Notes sounds, so i was thinking in not even start playing the game because i didn’t liked much the Support class and i don’t like being DPS in games with Raids and other Group Contends, well that was until i saw Artist trailer that made her seems way more fun than Bard, jumping around and shielding, having a portal, move speed path, healing orbs and had a lot of Ink skills animation that a like a lot more than Music Notes.

So yes, Artist was what made me start playing Lost Ark and i liked a little of Bard so i started with her with low volume for less headache.

2 - June and July Roadmap

I already knew what would be my final roster, 3 Bards and 3 Artists, i didn’t wanted a Paladin there because i tested and i didn’t liked the builds from maxroll, so i would only have Paladin until Artist Release

So it was announced the June and July Roadmap and just pissed me off, 1 class per 2 month and confirming that Artist will be the last class so only in March 2023 if they keep the cadence in 2023, me and many others player complained about the class cadence a lot and they know about it and still keep the same cadence.

So i just quitted the game with pure rage, i still hate the cadence and my money they won’t have neither for me to buy skins, but that won’t make a difference for them, so whatever, still not spending.

3 - Coming Back

After around 2 months i came back to the game because of Summer Skins for my Bard that i also liked to the point to be my Main Alt, so i was going to buy the Skins and get off, but i needed money so i need to go after it first.

When getting money i noticed that if i wanted to come back with Artist it would be better for me to prepare my future Alts build now when it’s “cheaper”, so i stayed and now 2 months later i have 5 Bards (2 will be deleted for Artist, they are at 1370~1385 to farm mats) and 1 Paladin (discovered other builds that made me like him, so he will stay).

So currently i’m playing the game daily doing all contents without rest bonus, but i think i will slow down after next week update, 4h of only daily stuff is making me burnout quite quickly, mainly when having 5 bards, didn’t liked much of paladin to have more than 1.

4 - Contents Cadence.

I believe i made clear that i just hate the class cadence, so i’m in the situation of not liking AGS or SG (depends on who made this shit decision) but i like the game itself, it’s like when you like a certain food but hate to have to wait 30min or more for it.

About other contents like Legion Raid and Continents, currently i don’t mind much because i don’t have the class i want to play the most, but i think it may be good because i had enough time to gear my Bard to 1475 for Kakul and i would like for Brel to be released in 3 months rather than 2 because i want to have my two Alts Bard at 1490, so it would be good to have more time for me, but a lot of people already may have their main at 1505+ and alts at 1490 even as a f2p if they didn’t stopped playing.
With that said i think it would be good for Rowen to come in the next Roadmap, but it seems nobody liked Rowen in KR.

5 - Will i stay?

Not sure, i wanted to explore the game with Artist but a lot of stuff is behind daily progress so it would be a waste not to do it, now i have almost everything (all starts, 90 island souls, 43 secret maps, 54 world tree leaves, all masterpiece, max rapport in every single one NPC, etc), so now is only the repetitive stuff so only time will tell, i’m already quite burnedout of doing dailies for 4h per day, so i will se if i slow down and do only with rest bonus (2 character per day) will help.

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literally pointed you can do that and you have my respect because that would be extremely dull and boring on an already dull and boring game.

Following your idea, there is no need to create classes.

My opinion lost ark full of whiny ex wow player who used to spending 10h a day on one game. That why they say content too slow no life player. Lost ark pacing good for people who play multiple game not mom basement hillbilly touch carpet ex wow playrr

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Just by seeing the amount of people that are obsessed with class tier and damage meter I’d say you’re right.

I’d like to touch further on a few points made by OP

This point here is where, imo, a class is no longer content.

However here, I would consider a class release to be content as it is new, undiscovered and shiny.

Hype is difficult as the producer AGS is 100% in control of this metric. Even if we know what raids are what classes are and such there are still avenues to generate hype. Repeating the same formula for 4 classes, that being a twitter image post of their class icon or style, is rather pathetic. Thinking back they’ve done nothing extraordinary to hype classes, it has been a title card or icon from a twitter post every single time. To me this shows they simply don’t care, regardless of how you feel at least RU did some effort to make CG trailers, JP has unique skins and animations with famous VA’s to hype theirs, KR gets an entire Convention, we get… a twitter image. Clown hasn’t even gotten hype, he hasn’t even been mentioned outside of there being a banner inside a banner that is posted on the front page of and even then there’s no information at all, its a 3 second gif loop and a close up of his face. None of this is exciting to me and maybe I’m jaded but watching some videos from other regions marketing I felt hype for content we already had and I’ve played to death because there was effort taken to market and generate hype. They’ve done more flavor text and hyping of their “Arktoberfest” then they have the major content patch dropping in 6 days.

I enjoy the game, I enjoy the content. I wish I could get hyped more, but if AGS doesn’t care why should I care? I’ll continue to play because I enjoy the content at the moment, but there is definitely some disappointment involved with most decisions made. I don’t know whos fault lies where, however I do know that marketing is the publishers job and outside of the Lost Ark community there’s not much from AGS themselves. I’m not even really sure where their “mage assassin” Youtube guy even is, isn’t he suppose to be assisting with hype marketing with live streams and such? The unpaid faces seem to do a majority of the work for them and AGS seems content to let them continue to do so and just pick up the check.