Classes are not content

No AGS, we don’t want a new class every month because you should know that it is only a low percentage of the player base that will play this class when you launch and for sure not the majority of the players, we do want it as soon as we can. We just want to play the classes that we want as soon as we can or the game will be boring. There’s people that are not playing because they don’t have their class and there is people that would like a lot to play another new class but will not wait for that long time that you propose and they will just get bored and leave the game. No, Classes are not content and they don’t need to be launched every like 1 month, they are not like Argos that everyone is supposed to reach and do it when it launch.

speak for yourself

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Since its a low percentage of the playerbase that want the unreleased classes I guess that makes this issue a low priority and AGS should take their sweet time releasing classes.

I would give a damn thing about another 5 classes if all I could do would be the same content we have now.

They need to focus on content and spice it up with a class every now and than.

Maybe don’t use we, we don’t share the same opinions.

It take like 2 clicks to release new classes, stop this drunk debate pls.
Peoples don’t even have their main yet

Pretty much the reason i stopped playing. Investing in characters I will drop when a new class releases is pretty much a waste of time. Also its just taking to long so my interests in the game is dropping.