Classes most likely to be nerfed?

Which classes do you think are most likely to be nerfed in upcoming balance patches?

Going to be rough for someone leveling a main and then get nerfed haha.

For those of us not familiar with how they’ve done in the past, have nerfs been severe?

To be fair…it’s not even out yet…Cool your jets :slight_smile:


Nerfs/Buffs will be done in KR first.

Just like Most new content / Classes will release there first.

G/L if your one of those people who only want to play FOTM.

Classes have mostly receive buffs, instead of others being nerfed… But there has been a few minor nerfs to some classes. There has been 3 or 4 balance patches I believe and I think we’ll start with like the 3rd one or so from the get go if I’m not mistaken.

At the next balance patch I believe Soulfist and Scrapper are both set to be buffed soon, as well as a complete class rework for Arcana before we even get her I believe. But as for nerfs, I’m not sure of anything in the works right now. If anything, it will be very minor. It will also probably be to the sorceress, as of the last balance patch they didn’t change anything with her as there wasn’t enough information yet.

Oh that’s easy, sorceress and bard :popcorn:

As long as they don’t nerf the Assasin…
I will be happy if they leave her alone.


So the issue for me is I’ve been told to play what I enjoy for this very reason. I actually enjoy the play style of Gunlancer and Artillerist.

To me, the gunlancer seems really strong. Being able to put out the insane crits that I’ve seen with being able to shield, buff, debuff, etc… seems like a candidate for a nerf.

I don’t think I am trying to just play the FOTM but I won’t have as much time to play as I used to when I was younger so I’d rather not invest time into a class just to have it nerfed.

It does sound like other classes are getting buffs instead of nerfing strong classes which is the better way to do it, imo.

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Just play the class you like, and no worries about nerf, because that can always happen.

So far they did a decent job keeping every class relevant and they plan improving balance and class rework further. But always can go wrong. Expect the worse, hope for the best, but never play an OP class and expect it to stay like that forever.

They have never really merged a class to the point where it is unusable so if they do nerf your class (which you will know about way in advance because it will happen in KR first) it will still be viable you might just need to work harder for your numbers.

I think/hope that they follow the trend of buffing rather than nerfing like they have done with some classes in the past which tends to help keep the gap between 1st and 99th pretty tight.

It has already been stated that as part of Smilegate’s rebalancing of 2022, Blade, Wardancer, Gunslinger, and Sorcerer are being “looked at”. I don’t know what that means, but they recognize something.

I thought the classes that have not been released in NA/EU is because they are OP and need to be “balanced” first.

Time will tell.

it is a complicated topic to be honest because a few classes reach their potential or at least perform so much better only after acquiring certain runes, gems, skill points, etc… So we are not even going to be able to fully perform with some classes for quite a while.

And some classes were nerfed but the truth is that the nerf was more like a balance change since for example the Gunslinger started to stack ridiculously well with the stats so it had to be toned down a little still being one of the top damage dealers. The same with sorcerer as far as i know.

So most of the nerfs are not actually nerfs but balance changes to normalize a bit some of the classes that end up having a ridiculous synergy when using certain stats, runes, skill points, engravings, awakening, etc…

I didn’t even know that they “balanced” the gunslinger recently because they are still on top of the charts!

I personally hope they don’t “balance” gunslinger more. Yes, they are toping charts, but they are also very high risk, very high reward. They are squishy and complicated to play, so why not reward this with amazing DPS? The ones that are easy to use, reliable, stable, and can live longer through boss mechs should pump out less DPS.

I don’t see the problem. Now, when everyone is playing a gunslinger, then I suppose something has to change. Right now, they are the 2nd most played class in KR.

Lancemaster and Summoner and Arcana.

All. Of. Them.

evil cackle

Do not ask me anything because i am going to main Gunslinger :smiley:

Every class I wish to play, no matter how bad they are, they will be nurfed🤪

please nerf female and mal striker and sorceress it’s just not possible

hahaha the blade is the first nerf needed the game its broken melé, u all open the combo with the same trash unstopable hability HAHAHAHAHA

the strikker male its xposed constantly if u nerf that, he’s gonna be a trash lol