Classes release and gender lock

I suppose could be a good idea if you release all the existing classes in a next patch, they are in the original game, so need only a transation for skills… and focus on releasing monthly alternative to gender locked classes or skins?
We could play our favourite class without have to wait so long time (i’m luck… Destroyer will be out in may… but i’m waiting for summoner too and i don’t now when she comes…) meanwhyle we can wait for our favourite gender variant class.

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You’ll be waiting a long time for gender variants. Next one is fem zerk and they havent even showed it off yet.

localisation for classes are already done.

But for genderlock…
It will take time. at first because the woman warrior model does not exist yet, will be released in KR in end of year, and for the assassin/mage male model… don’t know when.

Second, Smilegate does not “simple” skin change. if you see the gunslinger and her male counter part for example, they don’t have the same engravings, while gungslinger being the female version of the original male class.

So will take more than one month each, even more because it won’t be from amazon it will come but from SMG, which has already many things planned. for this year.