Classes should be released 2 per month or more

At the current rate of 1 month per class we won’t be caught up class-wise for 8 months. The problem with this is the expedited content we are getting. Whatever poor soul enjoys the class that comes out near the tail end is going to have to catch up to all the people who have been playing their mains for 8-10 months. Classes need to come out faster than the content updates do.

In another thread Roxx posted about not wanting people to be overworked, but does adding another character to the release really take that much effort. The character is already made and everything is done. Whatever skins they have are already made and it won’t make a difference if they are brought out. I would rather have a class come out and not be able to have a skin for it than to delay it.

I can understand not wanting to overload people with classes, but offer people choice at least. You are adding a 5th martial artist and a 4th warrior when we don’t even have a 3rd mage or assassin. Some people will obviously be upset if they have to wait an extra month or two but it will be much better than 6-8.


We definitely need more casters in the game atm it feels like it’s is everything but casters in this game.


Since i am glad for my main to come, i am still with you guys, classes should be released at least 2 per month, imagine waiting for your class 7-8 months, its literaly nightmare for someone. Maybe posts like this, can actually change something in future.


This road map shouldve been posted 3 days ago, because its a joke.


Yeh, knowing your class won’t come out for months and then you’ll spend months catching up to current content will be very discouraging.

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it is the same roadmap than 1 month ago with small differences :
-arcana out, destroyer delayed 1 month, lancemaster added
-valtan and first guardian raid delayed
-biackiss, second guardian raid and the bridge out…

Good point : guardian trial added YaY … not in april … facepalm (and i have a doubt, maybe it was already in may in the first roadmap… )

they needed one month of studying data to decide those change (and not one month gathering forum feedback, because forum feedback are really far different from this… really)

The hard-locked FOMO feeling which is going to exist for the last 1-2 classes if it’s done month by month will be pretty extreme. This doesn’t even take into account something like Artist which is the newest class in KR, which by whatever process they are doing would be dead last even though it’s super popular.

It’s basically why it’s better just to stop playing (mostly for good) rather than have to stress about it. Which is because the game literally has systems built around stress and anxiety and not strictly dopamine+enjoyment hits.

The answer is no. They’re already part of the game, they’re just disabled (See Summoner/Sorceress). Don’t fall for the PR speak that only seeks to avoid blame. This is a business strategy, plain and simple. I’m not excusing it, because it’s scummy on their part.

I wish we as a community had a direct line to Gold River. I don’t think it was his intention to piss off people with this change of order, but does he also know that the release for classes is just far too slow? We’re missing nearly 1/3rd of the classes in the game, half of those launched with the base game. How is that okay?


This is not entirely true. Each armor piece need to be localized, each skill and description needs to be localized (yes each class armor is seperate, soul fist does not share equipment with war dancer). I am not sure if any sound need to be localized or not, but I don’t think so. There is also class specific quests (such as their awakening quest) that might need to be localized, etc.

While none of this is super hard. It would take maybe few days of work (assuming the tools exists and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary with the game files).

Then multiply that to the languages supported by the game (English, Spanish, French, German, etc.).

Then you go through play testing and quality control to make sure it is correct and works in the game.

So yes, it is not hard to do, but no it is not ready out of the box - so to speak.

I do think they should release more rather than less. Because there is no practical reason to hold them back. I really doubt there is only 1 person doing all the localization of the game.

I know it isn’t a flip of a switch and that things like localization are also a factor, but because of how suddenly Summoner and Sorceress were switched with so little communication, how do we even know what is and isn’t localized already? They didn’t stop working on localizing the missing classes once the game released, assuming there were any left to do by that point.

I don’t get this at all other than it being a business ploy to artificially extend the “life” of the game beyond its initial “boom”, so they can keep backfeeding “content” into the game to coincide with the class releases.

It’s easy for them to use a month to month process for now and then switch to a higher number down the road as the game goes through its waves of players coming back and then leaving again.

For now we’re being sugar fed 1 class per month. When that number becomes less effective at raising revenue and player retention for a month, they’ll increase the number.

It’s like being a drug addict. One dose works for a bit, but then you get used to it and you need a double dose to get the same high.

I dunno, maybe it’s a silly take lol

But does not faster classes mean less money to be made? They wouldn’t be able to sell more power passes man!

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Makes you wonder what exactly they’ve been doing since August 2020 when they signed that contract with Smilegate.


sumoner was originally a class for the game release, removed with no reason.

Also, in the interview pre launch, GR said all class are already localised.

More, original roadmap said destro in april, arcana in may. so i think was not so hard to just add lancemaster and do 3 class those 2 months…

will be interesting to get numbers april 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th (the first we) and look two week after…
See if lancemaster make so much people coming back
(LM being by far the most wanted class, you can totally expect other “comeback” be smaller than this one… )
And see if it is enough for the “comeback” people stay

i expect quite good comeback, but with really low retention


Considering how much of the game has already been localized, I doubt the classes are still being worked on, or if they are, it’s only a couple. It’s safe to say that Destroyer is already done since it was scheduled to be released this month originally. Same with Glavier. Summoner for Obvious reasons. That leaves Arcana, Scouter, and Reaper. I think Arcana is already done as it was next after Dertroyer. Everything else is just unknown, but the original release plan was clearly there to milk player retention.

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But aren’t the legion raids supposed to be the hype content?

My main is still not even on the horizon QwQ
Hopefully I will be able to play summoner this year at least.

actually i want to play summoner as alt too, lets hope since its unlogical to wait for summoner for so long, because it was in alpha and beta test.

There will be people disappointed or quitting regardless of what or how many they release, unless they come out with all of the classes there will be someone that is unsatisfied and potentially wasting time not playing their main.

They might come back when they finally release, or they might not, who knows

Spot on. With the assurances they were listening to feedback I really did think they would opt for two a month. Imagine my surprise when nothing had changed from their previous plans.

We can all shrug our shoulders and say it is what it is, but many people may not stick around. The prospect of your main, which is absolutely shippable now, being released in 8 months will lead to many people quitting. And for an MMO, where the player population is more important to retention than any other statistic you want to look at, it may seriously hurt this game’s chances.

Imagine a world where this game succeeds in three regions and then fails in the West. That won’t be on Smilegate.