Cleared Valtan both gates, here’s my thoughts

Just cleared Valtan without supports in our group. All dps. It was the most fun experience I’ve had in the game by a mile.

Yes I know… we are in a support drought. But that doesn’t mean the content is unclearable without them. Is it going to be harder than with supports? I mean sure, but the content is completely doable without them. Just memorize the Axe patterns and pay attention to the health bars for certain mechs, and be on your counter game. You will even get so used to the fight and it’s patterns that you don’t blow through all your battle items (unless you are facerolling your keyboard and getting mad or something)

As a recommendation, I highly suggest finding a static or at least doing it with a discord call with those people. It makes things way better to have callouts and to coordinate things. This is a fun opportunity you don’t want to miss out on just over a lack of supports. Take care and good luck.


I think people want supports mostly to be able to ignore dmg windows and mindlessly hit the boss all the time.

Because why learn and memorize boss patterns and mechanics if u take a supp and expect them to perma shield u.

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Like I get it… it makes the fight easier with shields, dispels and dmg buffs… but honestly it’s too much drama over this. I guess it will be rough when Vykas and Kuku come out… have to see. But Valtan is clearable and not that difficult once you get the experience

You did normal right?

Yepyep this! Cleared Valtan HM with full DPS team. Supports cannot help you if you get wiped/one shot. Valtan isn’t a battle of attrition where you need to sustain your consumables. In fact, no raid in Lost Ark is. (Maybe Argos P3 cuz that phase is garbage). It all comes down to whether you understand the nuances of the raid or not. If you aren’t able to clear it with a party, the problem is with the players in the party. Not because of the absence of supports.

The irony is, having a support to clear is far more detrimental to the inexperienced because you now have only 6 DPS people and you need exactly 6 DPS to get into Ghost Phase to comfortably clear the raid (at ilvl 1445-1450, lets not talk about severely overgeared people). So to those who’re crying for supports, are you doing prog runs or are you pulling for a clear? Cuz if it’s prog, supports make sense since you just want to learn the raid and experience without using consumables as much. But if it’s a clear pull, supports are very optional and I personally wouldn’t pick a support for a clear pull because 8 DPS raises the chances to clear, giving leeway for 1-2 deaths.


It was normal, but plenty of people are clearing supportless in hard mode too.