Client crash during clear of [Normal] Valtan Gate 2

My client froze and crashed on [Normal] Valtan Gate 2 ghost phase. My raid group ended up clearing the content, but when I started the game back up and loaded back in, I didn’t receive any rewards…
I’m not able to re-enter
please get me out of this situation.
I worked so hard to be 1415. I don’t want a week to be wasted.
Server : Anteras
Character Name: Saitamareis

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I had the exact same thing happen to me: Client crash during clear of [Normal] Valtan G2 causes loss of rewards - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums ( 20 hours later and no official response nor re-entry ticket issued :confused:

I tried logging on to play today but after like 10 minutes I lost motivation and logged off. It feels so demoralizing to have the hard work put in be wasted :face_exhaling:

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If they cleared it, you get nothing.

But also gate 2 is bugged and doesn’t give re-entry tickets atm even if they didn’t clear it (they are working on a fix for this).

This happened to me on Hard mode. Game froze and crashed and now i’m locked out without reward. Spent 5 hrs clearing this guy and it does this on the last fight.

The only response is you don’t get anything unless it was server side which clearly wasn’t. Another week wasted.

If you’re gonna lockout someone because they’re potentially “bussing” then I should still be able to obtain the loot from the raid???

Gate 2 seems to be causing some issues… I’m going to be looking into this and letting the team know. Thank you for letting us know!

Sorry mate, but I didn’t get any bus service. When a friend at the party realizes that I’m out of the game. He waited for me to receive my award. 8 people worked for 2 hours. I used a lot of pots. I didn’t get anything . plus i’m locked now. ım just quit game and so demoralizing.

dw for me i lost now 2 weeks of valtan cause 2 times my game just said bye bye on gate 1 now im 2 weeks behind of my friends… and 2 weeks are a long time.

I’m not claiming that you’re bussing but that smile gate has intentionally designed the lockout to prevent players from abusing the disconnect exploit to infinitely bus.

I’ll save you alot of time by letting you know that this isn’t just an anomaly that happens with gate 2 but will happen for every single future legion raid that comes out in the future. Legion raids will only get longer and longer.

If smilegate thinks that it is reasonable to keep penalizing those that disconnect whether it is intentionally or not, in order to prevent people from bussing then have fun addressing these tickets/threads every week.

The only way to prevent these issues going forward is to simply just mail the legion raid reward if someone disconnects right before a raid is cleared.


Oh so AGS just broke the game for everyone so ppl can’t bus more than once? Great…

Exactly. Their system is so shit that they don’t even try and make excuses for it. They just pretend your issue doesn’t exist and that everything is fine.