Client Freeze/Crash During Sea Co-op Event

Hey, after playing every day since launch, I just experienced my first major issue. A freeze/crash while taking part in the ‘Pull It Together’ co-op event near Yorn.

I was playing on my Bard alt (ilvl 880), using a level 7 Eurus Ship with the Hermida’s Song skin equipped.

Steps of what happened:

  • I selected three Una Dailies; the one at Gesbroy, and two in Yorn (Quality Check & Crash, Boom, Bang!)
  • I completed the Gesbroy daily.
  • I set an auto-route from Gesbroy to Yorn.
  • On the way to Yorn, I sailed into a ‘Pull It Together’ event partially in progress.
  • While the auto-route was still activated, I manually sailed around for a bit (the auto-route stayed active the whole time).
  • I eventually moved into the event area on the left (auto-route is still active at this point).
  • As soon as I hit [Q] to salvage, the game froze.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the moment I crashed.

I waited for about 5mins after the freeze but nothing happened. I tried to create a dump from the task manager, but it only dumped out a 0KB file so I’m not sure that will be of any use. After creating this dump, the game closed. I assume that’s through the creation of the dump rather than it crashing of its own accord.

I also couldn’t find any sort of logging in my files, though I don’t know where that would be located exactly.

If anyone from AGS/etc. sees this and needs anymore info, let me know :slight_smile:

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