Client Privilege

Last week i spent around 100 euros for some gems, with a positive thinking of course, that whatever made me quit this game for a couple of months ago would NOT, in fact, still be in the game. It seems I was wrong. Random disconnections, random frozen moments, etc, etc. Well, I dont see myself as just a gamer, but as a client too. And since I am a client for this company, as I rent out a piece of your space, by spending money with you, I expect the services to have a minimum decency, at least in its function. So, people nowadays keep forgetting that words and forgiveness are what create this type of lax environment, with individuals simply do what they want without fear of repercutions. Well life is made of choices, and consequences, and I think that applies for everyone on this Planet. Lets use money language then. Sometimes, all it takes is a tiny sparkle, lets say hm… a person quits the game for 1 or 2 weeks for example, then 2 players, then 3, then 10. well, for others its not a big deal, players quit every day. But for the company…uhhh uhh uhh… its 1, 2, or 3 weeks without seing the real money. Careful with the path your choose for your game, and your company of course. There is a saying: You are not the last cookie of the pack.
p.s. Maintenance i can understand…but extension to 5 or 6 hours, or even more for some peons… seems shaddy to me, my opinion. And your community manager needs to get some prostetic hands or something, because as much as I look for Dev aswers on the forum, all i see is your alt accounts trying to troll and dissiminate the real problems. Its no secret, dont take everyone for stupid.
Cheers for reading.

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