Clip showing an insane number of bots that are broken and all congregated in one place

I came across a number of broken bots who are in all channels and seem to be stuck in one place.
The sheer amount blew my mind. Please do something about this


how sad

Old clip already, and they already said they are going to make improvements and are already making to their anti-cheat and dealing with bots and spams, creating the same tread over and over wont make much difference now that they already answered ours pleads asking to deal with those problems, we just gotta wait now

old clip? i literally just took it right now


well lol, then you got a clip in the same spot with the same bots lmao, saw a clip like this 4 days a go, same spot, same movements and same armor

okay? guess it needs more visibility then


but well, goes by what i said, they aready answered saying they are improving their anti-cheat and making new ways to deal with bots and spamming

how about just logging in, going to that spot and perma-banning them all on every server?

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because the bots have an active ingame life of less than 24 hours, then they are replaced with a new batch after they transfer their gold. They need to be HWID or mac/IP address banned to prevent new batch mass generation.

That’s the same place where Asmongold did his vid on bots.
Here’s the link.

yeah, thats why i toght it was the same clip

I actually HATE Asmongold and his antics.

The only reason I saw the clip was because I searched, “Bots in Lost Ark” on Google and Youtube. Something that should be done before posting at times. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, good job jumping to conclusion. The reply was just informative, but, you deemed to become defensive and attack for some reason. :+1: