Clipping of skins (lawmaker)

This topic already occured in different variations like hand clipping and skin clipping but could you check the lawmaker skin for long hair avatars?

Until now i didnt buy the lawmaker skin since it was more on the dull side for me personally but yesterday i saw some cool dyed versions of it and finally commited to getting the skin. It looks nice dyed on my summoner! BUT, the hell is going on with the clipping with the hair? it looks like the fur grow some purple hairy tumor on the back side.

Could we get sth. done about this? :smiley:

I mean, da heck xD

this is still a thing on kr that won’t change for now maybe one day
this why players used to have short haircut

lol this is pretty much laziness on their hand, because some types of hat change actually your hairstyle so it works together, therefore they could do it here as well. Maybe they dont want to do it, because players dont want change like that on their character.

Hi there. I’ve moved this over to the bug section.

Thanks for this screenshot.