Cloning EUC servers in EUW

Instead of adding new servers in a new region, it would have been smarter to clone EUC servers to EUW, allowing us to keep our progress while halving server population. EUW players such as myself would have switched naturally.


would have been a better solution and then delete all accounts that did not log on to the new server in 3-7 days problems solved.


Exactly ! I really don’t get the reasoning behind their decision.

Even worse the EUW servers are based in Ireland, so the latency is worse for most EUW players.

No, servers are in frankfurt. Both EU West and Central. Only name is different.

Not according to several posts on this forum and ping in game.

It’s not. On EU West you can notice it from pings accourding to your proximity to Ireland instead to Germany(EU Central), server time (mouse over to cloak) or check the ip of servers. It’s in Ireland sadly. Getting around 20ms more which is not cool but I’m within safe margin so started there again atleast game is fine, no issues yet for me except I have 78 ms on EU West instead of 46 on EU Central :slight_smile:

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Are you sure? Because if you run a proxy and inspect outgoing traffic, they’re actually different servers, judging by public IPs EU West is in Amazon’s “Europe West” Datacenter, and “EU Central” is in Amazon’s “Europe Central” datacenter, which is the reason for them naming it “EU West” despite the objections, because all clusters are named after physical location to aid in maintenance and troubleshooting down the line.

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Hell i move to an american server if i could better then a non working server and a toxic waste like Neria is right now

I guess this post deserves a lot more attention! If they manage to clone it and adapt settings, this should be possible and would be a very efficient solution.

With the same state of progress people can decide if they want to continue on either region.