Close Asta for new player again please!

Your news:

We will be carefully lifting character creation limits on servers to allow new players to join servers that they may not have been able to previously. However, we are closely monitoring server populations and queue times, so these character creation limits may return as queues begin to grow. Please be aware that the list of servers with account limits may change frequently, and that you will have to relaunch your client in order to access a server with a newly lifted cap. While we are still aiming to keep wait times low, we hope this helps some players join their friends on more servers.

My Experience:

Logging in at 14 o clock CET (not even gaming prime time) 15 K gamer infront of me in the waiting line.
During the headstart I experienced waiting lines in the range of 5-7K which took me around 40 minutes to log in.
That said, is it your expectation that people wait for 2 hours in a waiting line?
Please stick to what you wrote in your news above, and start to act now.
It´s too much!

Close Asta down again for new players.

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it is closed. i checked 15 minutes ago.
and i dont agree. they need to open Asta (wich is the only true german server) or mark every server for a specific language! i really dislike this european english/mixed chat BS and i will refuse to speak or chat in anything else then my native language ingame: DEUTSCH.

My native language is german as well, I thought the german F2P playerbase decided to play on Beatrix as Asta was closed.
This sentence: i will refuse to speak or chat in anything else then my native language ingame: DEUTSCH. To use a german word: Fremdschäm.
Asta is btw. open, dont know what you checked 15 minutes ago.

4hours queue is too long …would be nice to get this fixxed or you know what will happen…
why there is only one german Server? think other languages have the same problem.
Split dervers like asta or develop transfer system… do more servers with smaller queue please, cause 4hours are insane!

Fremdschäm, LOL. if i dont WANT to speak a foreign language, i do have the right to do so! so please. bitch off.

also it seems you are a little below the intelligence of others… you already have characters on Asta, thats why you can join the server! I dont have Characters on Asta and its LOCKED for me to join or create characters.

atleast you can play the game after 4 hours i can literally not play the game since the server all my friends in is locked

try to play on a server with 4hours login queue … this kills the game experience!

we ALL (complete guild) want to transfer to another server , but the tool does NOT exist!

11.30 queue is at 14000
12.30 queue is at 21000
13.30 don`t know^^

queue is rising from day to day … we had 14000 max 2 days ago?

close these server !!
disaster is growing and nearly to explode everything

still in queue … since 12.30 are 6h and still 2000 to go…


now early access cannot play, because others who came late with their login
and wanted to play with their friends killed the server!!
Server was closed … and opened again for logins and killed it…everything sucks!
What is now the Solution??