Close servers for new characters and sweep the dirt

AGS lets be real, no new player will want to play this game if the first thing they meet is a army of bots. The person can be the most casual profile possible, never access the forums, reddit or whatever. The perception is gonna be “Wow what a garbage game, its abandonware” and uninstall, in no other different universe people will think oh what a nice game look at that human centipede with several weird names attached to it.

Close the servers for new characters start sweeping for every possible botter, permaban RMTers even the “small” offenses and after implementing a decent 2FA phone number that recognize automatic numbers generated by google just like Steam does and then reopen. If you keep this circus you will lose the remaining legit players.

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I feel like the opinion I have on the bots is one that most don’t agree with but…

They really don’t affect me or my gameplay. There are certain AREAS that may have a few too many where they’re grinding for “tome mats”, but other than that, they don’t “ruin” the game. They just wander aimlessly to their next place.

they dont affect me either
EUC Brelzhaza has them only in the starting zones
the server isnt dead it has plenty of real players but its been a while since i last saw chat spam in the sea i only see it in luterra when i go there
i was in the sea afk for like 20min and i didnt see any when i looked through chat only regular folks sometimes talking

theres definently bots but it seems like its mostly from sellers that dont spam chat but just sell it on some sites

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Once you’re out of Luterra, the bots REALLY start to diminish and disappear.
But yeah, they’re not “hurting” anyone. Ever since they implemented the chat restrictions for wording, the bots haven’t really been able to chat spam, so I’m okay with it.

Yeah they do, they are inflating the market by injecting ludicrous amount of gold in a hand of those who buy their illegal product. Screwing the F2P environment, ever asked why the engraving prices don’t meet the gold income your receive per week?They disrupt the new player experience, if your post card is a army of bots you dont wanna play that game. And finally the relic prices for your build why people keep setting 100k-120k or more for relic that in theory should 10-15k at best.

They affect your gameplay when you have a 15k queue