Closed Beta Known Issues List

Greetings, adventurers. Here is a list of known issues that you may come across during your time in Closed Beta.

High Priority Issues:

  • Turning off your primary monitor occasionally causes the game to hang or crash.
  • The game will hang on attempting to enter Blackfang’s Den Island. Your character will get stuck in an unplayable state on attempting to enter this island. As this is island is optional and not part of story progression players are advised to avoid this content during CBT.
  • If your client is experiencing stuttering in some locations, try disabling Area chat. This may resolve the issue in some circumstances.

UI and Menu Functionality:

  • If during gameplay the player returns to the World Selection UI screen they will receive an error and be kicked from the game instead of successfully switching worlds. Restart the game and select a world from the Main Menu to successfully change world.
  • A few skills on several classes will trigger Camera Shake functionality even with this option turned Off in Settings.
  • Some Voice settings are not synced between Voice Chat HUD and Voice Chat Menu – meaning that players need to set them in both places for a consistent Voice Chat experience.
  • The Voice Input Mode setting dropdown is cutoff, but push-to-talk can be still be enabled by selecting the small portion shown for the option.
  • The female Gunslinger skill “Target Down” has a very large, incorrect damage value shown in its skill description.
  • Some cards in the Card Catalog are missing text explaining what bonuses they provide.
  • When using the Change Name feature, the tooltip showing the requirements for a name displays incorrect character limit and says it accepts numerals when it doesn’t.
  • Faceting menu can become non-functional once the player begins to facet a stone and then selects or changes the dropdown menu option. Closing and re-opening the menu (or toggling to the Exchange panel and back) should help work around this issue.
  • The Input Key Swap controller option, allowing users to switch functionality of the LS and RS buttons, currently does not function.
  • Controller support is still in development, it not fully functional in all UI at this time.
  • Time displayed in the game is UTC + 0 regardless of region or player’s location.
  • Some languages with special characters, primarily in languages which are not officially being supported, are being overly filtered in chat, e.g. the character å in Swedish

Quest Gameplay:

  • After completing the quest “[Guide] Collecting Collectible for Fun” the player is being directed to an NPC called Chapman in Vern Castle but that location will not be reachable at this stage of progression it is presented. Players should head to Neria’s Tavern in Luterra Castle to complete this quest.


  • Some tutorial movies are in Korean, they have not yet been localized.
  • The in-game cutscene where the player first meets Armen is missing VO audio.
  • Some areas of the game (like Multiple Skill Upgrades and the Codex) will have word wrapping and cut-off issues for some languages.


  • Some players are not receiving their 40,000 Royal Crystals for shop testing. This may be resolved for some players by logging out and logging back in again.
  • After deleting a character, you cannot create a new character using the same name.
  • Harmony Leap Stones sold in Mari’s Secret Shop need to be dismantled in order to be used.

Hotfix Known Issues (11/6):

  • Paladin Godsent Law Skill does not full cast
  • Bard Rhapsody of Light Skill does not full cast
  • Gunner class can only swap weapons when moving
  • Engraving NPC in Vern is missing