Closed Servers for Founder's Pack Owners

First things first, i don’t want to blame AGS or any of the guys and girls working here for this company on decisions made by the management or even given infrastructure (serverwise).
There is just one thing i think could solve a lot of frustration or even anger.
let me explain my point: my wife bought a Founder’s Pack yesterday and wasn’t able to play, cause she had to work today and the download lastet a long time. So she decided (what was absolutely right in my understanding) to create a new character on an existing realm today before 14:00 Serverdowntime.
Out of nowhere AGS decided to close some Servers cause of the upcoming F2P-release and didn’t mind to force players like her (I’m quite sure there are few more of these) to start on a NEW Server without having the option to level and play with her friends and family (of which reason she decided to buy a Founder’s Pack).
We did always play together in every game launched or still supported the last years (new world, WoW, FF14, etc) and are now not able to do this cause of no obvious reasons?

So my solution on this for her and many other players (it’s only an idea, but i think it’s a good one) is to “flag” Founders (i mean, we are the only ones that got this special Title and stuff) as “pre-release users” and give new Players with Founder’s Packs, that don’t have created a character already on any of the NA/EU realms the option to join these “closed” servers. I’m sure that there aren’t that much left with these Packs but i think this will make things way easier for AGS and the community.

thanks for reading and enjoy your game (if it’s up again then)! <3

This. Im in the same boat. I bought myself and 3 friends the founders pack. Due to life, they werent able to get on until today and now we cant even play together. We planned on doing arenas mostly but we simply cannot do that now. At least give us a powerpass so I can switch to a new server with them and not lose my progress.

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i think only a Powerpass is not the right solution. We in our spot spend nearly 200 bucks for this game and wanted to have a good start and now we are 5 guys on one server and the 6 is missing cause she has the founders pack, but cause of lacking “flags” for founders she isn’t able to play with us (okay, she could do dungeons,raids and discord with us. but tbh we wanted to host a guild etc).
I think there needs to be a “flag” or smth to get these people together. F2P Players didn’t spend money on the game, so im fine with the reason they can not join their friends who did. But this has to be fixed or implemented in some way to don’t get people feel the way they are disrespected (cause if 5 guys have to change the server and 3 of us bought platin, we would be extremely mad and start thinking about quiting the game cause we lose items and stuff that are worth real money at this point).