Closing the servers on such short notice is NOT how you handle this!

The team has made a terrible mistake here. You don’t just simply lock servers with a 1 hour warning. You have to think about those people who have jobs/school who were unable to react to the announcement on time. Queue times for my server were only bad on day 1. After that I received 0 queues when trying to log into the game. Think about that!

Giving founders a chance to re-activate their packages on another server is not the solution the majority wanted! We did not waste countless hours this week just to have to start again on a new server! Now me and my guild have to let the other guildmates know that we will not be able to team up with them…

It’s such a shitty experience knowing that you will not be able to play with your friends when they download the game…

Think about the players!


It was handled extremely poorly. If they’re worried about the influx of F2P players clogging servers on launch, they should have explained that to everybody, and they should have closed said servers on launch.

If I knew that my server would be closing up soon, I would have bought bronze founders for my f2p friends. Instead, not only can we not play together at all, but one of my friends who already does have a founders pack can’t join. She bought founders right away, but couldn’t log on until today from school, and now we can’t play together at all.


Its just new world all over again. Any1 who played NW launch should remember their shitshow maintenences at prime time in addition of extending them over and over, up until 8 hours downtime.

This is jusr pure incompetence…


Exactly! This was such a shit move by the team. I would be more than happy to buy my friends bronze founder packs just to have them in the same server as my character. Re-grinding 30+ hours worth of quests is not something I want to do just because of a server lock…

I really hope the team reconsiders all of this.

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Many of my friends after hearing about this whether they paid for the 3 day passes or not are appalled at this decision. Because I play MMOs for FRIENDS. The game itself is enjoyable and new, but wasting the players time and effort with the promise of the premium package on a different server leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The team essentially made my progress and everyone else’s who have to transfer to play with their friends completely irrelevant.

It’s really saddening and makes me think this team isn’t fit to run NA servers and I’m worried for any other problems they might experience. I hope they reconsider this important decision.

On the other hand people who just bought the bronze founder pack should get a refund.

In my opinion, to make most people happy there should be server changes to characters. People already cant have the same name as anyone else. So people that have special IGNs don’t have to change their name


Locking down servers, forcing the population to split, creating more problems. Way to go. People who didn’t purchase the founders packs are screwed. People who did are screwed. Give everyone free server transfers like in New World while you’re at it.

Don’t lock servers because of high queues, the queues will never last.


I also would have bought my friends founder’s packs if I had known of this lock. But there just wasn’t enough time for all of them to suddenly download, login and create character within the extremely short timeframe between this lock being announced and becoming active.