Cloud Mounters - Rejoice!

I know I was told to not care about mounts - but I do :smile:

Long dash + short CD is back babyyy! Best mount in game! :cloud: Let’s gooooo


Our most joyous day is being drowned in tears of the the class quitters.

Any of the Cloud mount investors wanna flex on us?

It’s up to 15k on EUC right now… Will probably be 50K soon :rofl:

Damn … should have bough more. They were 6k when i bought mine.

Same here. P2W FTW

it was only 1 per account

There’s this thing called the Auction House.

I can’t remember the real name. Marketplace?

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From Auction House

ahh. i sold mine unfortunately. needed the gold for 1415

I saw a guy here who was mad at the nerfs because he bought 10. Hope he still have them.

I seriously commend AGS/Smilegate for this. Might not seem like a big deal but this issue bothered me a lot (and no i didnt stock up on them to resell). Thank you guys for changing it. This is a step in the right direction.


How many you got? just the one? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is lame, mounts are supposed to be equal performance!

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Weren’t you one of the people telling us mounts doesn’t even matter in this game?

I love my cloud mount :cloud: weeeeeeee

It’s funny that people even care about such things as dash speed and dash cooldown when most important content is done in instances where you can’t even summon mounts :confused:


For me it was a matter of principal. Changing something I purchased with money via royal crystals was a sign that its probably not smart to do so again as they could just change said item on a whim. It sets a really bad precedence. I think once something is bought with cash via in game shop, if it is not game breaking, the devs should just allow the players to have it. Even if it is a mistake or slightly more powerful than they intended. I am fine with nerfs and buffs to classes, gear etc. Leave my cash shop stuff alone though lol.


No i said koreans balanced the mounts so that the only choice was what one looked best to you.

And something along the lines of us buying a cosmetic because we should have known about the KR nerf… right?

I agree with Trouble. They sold us a good mount for real money. Nerfing it right after people bought it is really bad. So I’m super happy about this real reverse to the mount we actually paid for. :smiley:

nerfing it right before people sold it too…

God daaaayum bro… :joy: Grats

Omg, I think we can see a whale being born in the wild, I can feel the +21 weapon and 1490 gearscore approaching…