Clown Entry Taken

Clown entry taken cause the servers went down during the run?

No ticket in mail to give us our entry back and im locked out now for the week cause of a maint that didnt work…


GZ on day 1 clear, myman.


When this has happened to me in the past, you will get a ticket but it just takes up to 24 hours to get. At least, it took me over 24 hours before I saw mine (obviously not for clown, but still).

I remember this happening to our grp when valtan was released. We couldn’t kill it first week b/c we lost our entry count with maintenance.

Hope you get the ticket. I’m waiting for clown tomorrow at this point personally.

You should receive a re-entry ticket within 24 hours via in game mail

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Sadly, this might be the fall for you guys. AGS isn’t capable of sending entry tickets. They rely on an auto AI system to detect and send out tickets. If the AI doesn’t auto give you the tickets, you’re screw for the week.

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same my ticket was taken as well. character name supportsupport. server valtan ilevel 1475

The same happened to me and my pt, we were at gate 3. Kazeros Server - nick Fluor

Wait, so you shut the server down without stating any problems will occur if players stay in a raid to squeeze out as much raid time in as possible. Now we’re punished and have to wait 24hrs to raid again? Please send these tickets soon. We literally started 45mins before the server went down cleared G1 and now want to try G2. some people have limited time to clear clown this week. I appreciate the new update and understand problems may happen. I really don’t want to believe that AGS only fixes an issue quickly when it’s related to or causes less in game purchases. Please expedite these ticket entries, losing 24hrs is too much.

The system sucks. Big time. But who TF thinks its a good idea to “stay in the raid to squeeze out as much raid time as possible” purposely when the server goes down. Thats just literally asking for trouble.


same here, i must wait 24h? seriously?

It wasn’t a good idea, but you wouldn’t think your entry would be taken away since it’s not a clear. Why would you be locked out when the gate isn’t even completed? If a raid cleared while you disconnected and you get a ticket since you didnt get rewards and it says cleared, great. But it’s not even cleared…

Just happened to our group, we all made time to do clown tonight and the server maintenance took the ticket. This system is ridiculous

Why wouldnt you? It’s always been known its claimed on entry. How are you at clown and dont know this by now?

Simply because it’s the first time this has happened to me and my team. I’ve never been in a raid while servers went down. It is our fault, I accept that. But a 24hour wait for re-entry ticket is too much. I’m here to ask for this process to be pushed quicker since it’s first week of clown release. I spent some time and read the entry conditions and saw the entry is only returned after a vote to quit the raid. It’s just hard to accept when you put time a side to do the raid and end up sitting here feeling deflated to do any other content.

Battered player syndrome.

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Yes it’s technically the players’ fault for not exiting the raid BUT
It’s honestly insane that when emergency maintenance or ANY server related thing is happening, there is absolutely no warning about losing weekly/daily entrance tickets or possible fixes without watching the forums.

In the end the game has an enormous flaw in terms of accessing content post-server restart.
The fact that this has never even attempted to be resolved is pure negligence on the developer’s side.

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She said “within” 24 hours, not “in” 24 hours. Just saying :smiley:

all happy with my 1st clown and ufff server off and bye bye ticket,ole ole .

and i was complaining about blizzard muhahahahhaa

the shop sure isn’t failing, money money money money