Clown Entry Taken

almost been 24hr and still no re entry ticket :upside_down_face:

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Well, its up to 48 hours. I had lost raid run on other patchday with all groups together and got ticket after 2 days and a few hours.

I haven’t received mine yet ;(

Haven’t received mine almost 48 hours now.

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No one has who was DCed from the emergency maintenance.

After a full day of Mods saying game sever side outages are covered by automated system and for some reason refusing to acknowledge that The maintenance qualifies for that coverage but it isn’t working, @Roxx finally said they were escalating support for this last night.

But now today it’s back to mods repeating that same copy pasta.

Only hope at this point is to keep making posts and asking mods for updates, but we still have no word on whether or not they actually plan on remedying this clear malfunction of automated system.


Hopefully we get a proper answer or tickets distributed soon. Weekend coming up and I don’t wanna go into week 2 without even seeing gate2 :).

Appreciate the continued reports on this – we have our team investigating. If you could leave your server and any additional details, it would be much appreciated!

Here, me: Windrose, Arcturus, South America. Me and all my party no get entry ticket.

Hi Roxx! Everyone on my party is still waiting for the ticket.
Our characters are Shamana, Ponsho, Boke, Efreety. Agaton Server (SA).
We were on Gate 1, didn’t get the chance to complete it, and the whole Raid is marked as completed.

Hello Roxx. Me and my static + other group from my guild are in the same position. We did Gate 1 and Gate 2 on Wednesday and got dced by the maintenance. The day after we logged in to do Gate 3 but the entry count was exceeded. We did not cleared Gate 3 before or after that maintenance. Untill now we didn’t got any re-entry ticket or a response from the support.
Chars: Izyo, Aboogie, Ecaps, Kkori
Server: Moonkeep

Hey there, Character ‘Publass’ and on the Mari server along with the rest of my static. Got interrupted in gate 1 and now the whole thing registers as complete and cant do any gates.

Slingeor on Avesta NAE, along with static.

Xtcyy on Evergrace EUC its only kakul-Saydon gate 3

Hi Roxx! My party had the same problem at gate 3, our characters are Hogu, Frollo, Dink and Strangelove. Kazeros Server (SA)

Hi Roxx.
NA West - Server: Bergstrom.
Character: Waifoooo

Was in gate 2 when I was disconnected from the maintenance two days ago. Once the maintenance was completed I logged back on to find my weekly entry for Kakul-Saydon gone. It’s been 48+ hours and I still haven’t received a re-entry ticket.

@Roxx Arman server ID is Sunseed haven’t get any ticket yet. Can u help me with get my G3 ticket back pls

Hi Roxx, the same situation is happening to my group. We are all on NAEast Azena: Movementz, Xdee, Drevv, Bardliife. We have been waiting for 48hrs with still no ticket. We were in Kuku gate 2 when maintenance happened and now we are unable to rejoin because of “entry count.”

Server: Mari
IGN: Neal

The server kicked us off on maint time while in the middle of gate1 (In combat). Officially 48 hours since then without a ticket.

Hi Roxx.
Server: Bergstrom.
Character: Aggrochan

I was in gate 2 when I was disconnected from the maintenance. Once the maintenance was completed my weekly entry for Kakul-Saydon says exceeded. I was in a party with Waifoooo as well.

Server : Armen

Char : Sunseed

Pass G1 and G2 but there is bug when we enter the G3 I was in the Gate but my teammates was out and the Gate was kick me out of the dungeon. Then I miss the ticket from G3. Pls help me with that. Also I saw lots of people have the same problem.