Clown gatekeeping

So the raid has been out for less than a week and I’m already seeing a lot of groups titled like: “experienced players only” and “5x3 or kick” in my region already. I think it’s insane, really. Makes me feel like if I don’t try to learn the fight soon, I won’t ever be able to join a pug in the future :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


people are free to ask for whatever requirements they like. If you don’t like it make a learning group with everyone 4x3 engravings


people put stuff like “exp ppl only”, “bingo exp” or similar and then they cant get past mario 1/2 :joy:


Usually BECAUSE it’s new, people are very heavy with the gatekeeping.

The idea is to make up for lack of experience with brute force high ilvl, gear and engravings.

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I don’t recall ever saying people can’t ask for whatever they want, but it’s still pretty insane they want experienced players week one lol


Bruh…it’s because these are already twink/alt runs.


Die to saws = Kick

MFW raid lead dies to saws


Just make ur own group kek

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alot of ppl have alts 1475+ so they might have cleared it already on an alt or are currently on an alt so obviously they dont want to go through full prog a 2nd time in the same week

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Make your own party.

The point is, it’s week 1, minority of players can be considered an expert/pro, but a lot of parties are already asking you to know the fight by heart.

Avoid joining groups with tags like that because only 3x3 is required for Clown. Yes, you need the skill to do it 3x3 but it’s absurd for players to be demanding carries like this, because that’s all it is.

Make your own group and go from there. Lot of clowns to sift through but its doable.

I saw & see still lobbies with “reclear”.

But hey, they are plenty “learning / progess” parties.

Totally understand your concern as I’m also not a BIS 5x3 player. However, what I can tell you is that we’re probably the majority atm. Which means that you will have great success in creating a 4x3 learning group on party finder because it will literally appeal to most players.

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I mean its a BRAND NEW raid, people only want the best geared for it. This goes for ANY gatekeeping. Put yourself in the leaders shoes.

If your presented with 10 DPS characters. Several are 5x3 with a few 4x3’s smattered in there. I will almost guarentee 100% of the time YOU will only pick up the 5x3’s as well. Your only as good as what your character sheet says. Its no different they applying for a job in real life (your only as good as your resume says).

If your being gatekept, MAKE YOUR OWN GROUP. How hard is it to make your own group.

Yeap! There’s a lot of learning parties, which I find really good, and I have a full support acc, so I don’t really need to gear up a lot, but I was so surprised with the amount of “exp only” parties this week and the replies to this post that yeah, it’s discouraging lol

I don’t care about people wiping and learning bc it’s literally the first week.

The whole point of this post wasn’t to attract ppl saying the obvious truth that anyone is free to make their own groups and accept/deny whoever they please, it was to say that week 1 of a new legion where majority is still learning we are seeing an increasing amount of groups asking for only experienced players, gatekeeping at its finest.


Then don’t join those parties !!! That’s the entire point, they can ask whatever they want. Join one that doesn’t require all these things you don’t have.

If you made a party and you had an experienced player with 5x3 apply for your group and other one that is 4x3 and completely unexperienced, who would you choose?

I mean there ARE a lot of people that do a lot of research on raids prior to them releasign thus why they are asking for “exp” players only as they are looking for those who have watched multiple videos on the mechanics, practiced all of the marios and the like. Thats what these groups are looking for when they state “experienced” players only.

How can you know a 5x3 is more experienced than a 4x3 without playing with them? That aside, yes, I can create all the groups that I want, but that’s not the point of this post lol