Clown impossible?

on a 60%keyboard an i dont have arrow keys. an cant find the keybind to change the arrows to a bind how can i go about this without buying whole new keyboard?

Hey there @Perk

As a 60% keyboard fan myself I understand how frustrating this can be when doing the “Mario” minigames in Kakul-Saydon gate 3. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to rebind the arrow keys to other keys in the game settings. There are a couple of workarounds I’ve seen other players mention they used when they encountered this issue:

  1. Using a gamepad/controller when doing the mini-game.
  2. Using the key combinations your keyboard manufacturer included for your keyboard, in my case for my 60% keyboard its Fn + I, J, K, L for the arrow keys, but this depends on the brand and/or model of your keyboard.
  3. Using your keyboards software to create a different profile and rebind other keys to arrow keys, this also depends on your keyboard manufacturer so please refer to your keyboard’s manual/user guide to see if this is an option.

Hope this helps!

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