Clown lockout rehearsal

So if im reading this correctly, if you clear normal on ANY character, ALL your characters will be unable to do rehearsal for the entire week? So i have to clear rehearsal on all of my alts first, get their lockouts, before i clear normal even once or all my characters are locked out of rehearsal??



I am also confused, I don’t care of the rehearsal rewards, I just want to practice mecha

rehearsal itself is once per week per roster in KR

but i agree that they have to be more specific with these “patch notes”

reading these notes to get some kind of specific info seems impossible and at this point it’s pretty much relying on other players with info of other regions and go from there

Yes- is what I heard from an RU player.

As others have stated. In KR the currency you get from rehearsel is once per roster per week. You get the curreny in rehearsel or in normal mode.
Once you got the currency once for the week, rehearsel mode locks.

I also heard from someone who plays on RU that if you do rehearsal on an alt, you actually lock out your main from doing normal too lol, why is this written so vaguely, how does it work? this is gonna go wrong so badly for so many people

Zeal made a video here is from where he explains everything about clown if people are confused he goes in detail about it as well as the NPC and about the practice for doing mechs of clown.