CM hinting summoner class is next?

A CM posted here, i used google translate and got this:

Thread Title: What class do you want next?

"100% Summoners!
As an old fan of the Necromancer in Diablo 2 (and post-DLC in Diablo 3…) and general fan of having cattle stuff swarming around me and dismantling stuff.

But I’m also happy to change my mind ^^

Also Summoner 10/10 change my mind"

I don’t think so. Another CS posted artist a little further down. I think they were just adding to the thread.


Looks like he just looks forward to summoner?

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You can me both, buddy

Yep, has nothing to do with hinting, its just a thread asking what class youre looking forward.

CM wants summoner.

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like it matters if a cm want the summoner

Put it the other way arround, in this thread it doesnt matter if hes CM or not, its just a a person wanting summoner


i know my friend, i can read german :wink:

The mentioned CM here speaking :smiley:

I can confirm this is no hint or anything, the thread is simply about which classes we are looking forward to and I really want to play the summoner. Personally I’d love to get a necromancer class, but I take the next best thing as long as I can summon stuff to smash other stuff :smiley:


It was a thread of what classes people were looking forward to.

I hope we get male summoner one day!

Not a native german speaker but im pretty sure Maselbart said he loves summoning classes and he thinks summoner is 10/10

I believe in the power of Maselbart to push for Summoner sooner. :wink:

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Scouter is it xd

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right up there with you hoping we finally get summoner back, class been delayed too many months now with no reason given.

Summoner is trash version of sorc, and when u hit endgame u will regret why u waste all those mats and times on summoner, believe me

this is so wrong lul.

Roxx’s name starts with R. Reaper confirmed for June

And it is completely different from necromancer, summoner mostly is like broken-hearted girl who summons her toys as big teddy bear, poppy and stuffed roses as pets with smoll dmg.