CMs can u at least confirm that our feedback is passed over regarding SHs

There is dozen of posts here/reddit/AGS discord about people including me, hating how our SH form look doesnt match what KR and other regions have. Im sorry but u cant even see your character face when u are pitch black. There were bunch of complains about previous one too that got ignored and I feel like many people hoped this update will finally fix SH form to be exactly like other regions.

Not a single response from CMs in any thread. Can you guys at least say that you will pass the feedback to smilegates or AGS to make people know that they are not being ignored.

You guys always say player feedback matters, so it would be nice If my fellow SH players could get at least a option to switch to KR version in options If u want to keep current one.

I have 0 hope at this point that something will change, but hey, at least we gave u our feedback that will most likely get ignored again everywhere :slight_smile:


Don’t waste your time, not even the CM’s care about the players, we’ve been giving feedback about this change since day 1 and still not a single plausible reason for this aberration that we got instead of the regular Demonic Form.