CM's, has there been any updates or communication about skins?

Hi community,

I feel like the last proper time we were communicated about skins were during the big argos feedback from the devs.

It included a few sentences about skins.

Its quite clear the community wants skins and really badly too. When will we see some updates on more skins coming?

A bit of communication on it would be really appreciated… i my self feel sad looking at my royal crystals waiting for those sweet legendarys to drop in the shop



You’ll get 1 or 2 more in the may update.

There ya go

If that,

There has been 0 comms about this at all

Are we getting some with May update?

Judging by prior release timing and the shop timers.

;O; ooh I hope so

ugliest first, no exceptions!

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Potato sacks for all!