Co-Op 6v6 Did you know? Also a suggestion

So for the longest time I thought you could only que as 3s, but apparently you can que as a raid group of 6!

Just an FYI for those who did not know.

It would also be nice if this game mode was not only opened for 2 hrs. Just a suggestion.


Yeah I actually love this game mode and wish they’d do more alternate modes like this. I also don’t know why it’s only open for a couple hours a day. Seems like a total waste. I have so much more fun in this mode than any other.


I really like it too, objective based pvp is more engaging and fun than arena in my opinion i will be happy if they make it available permanent not only during specific hours

I also wish they would keep it open longer, or atleast make it permanently open at weekends or smth. but hey there is more pvp content to come, check out gvg or continent rowen if you didnt hear about that yet!


Co-Op wishlist:

Available all the time
Able to accommodate groups of any size (min 2 - max 6)
Artillerists prohibited :smiley:


…and when someone queues as a group of 5? o.O

I guess some (most likely) lucky solo guy gets to join them.

+1 for making this mode available all the time