Co-op Battle, anyone played it?

Did anyone manage to play the “Co-op Battle” on the Proving Grounds (PVP) NPC? It is the second tab “Co-op Battle” It opens for 2 hours a day with rotating maps each day. Couldnt find any video about them or showing anykind of gameplay.
You can queue Solo, 3man or 6man.

It’s basically a battleground, i tried it today solo queue.
It was 6v6 on a map with 2 lanes and some objectives to get points for the team.
Very fun game mode, it would be nice if it was available for more hours per day.


Damnnn it sounds cool af. But not sure why there aren’t many ppl queueing for it, probably because of the “Co-op Battle” they must think it is some kind of PvE thing.
Will be queueing tonight for sure.

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I was just watching a video by Fintusius and he mentioned it breifly in the PvP overview part of his vid. I didn’t know Lost Ark had anything like battlegrounds. I prefer this type of PvP over the arena format. I’m looking forward to trying it out. I don’t like hearing that it’s only available for 2 hours a day.

I hope it’s possible that this becomes a mainstay mode, my friends and I have a lot of fun with it.

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its very nice mode :slight_smile:

They definitely need to open it up at all times. It’s a bummer that it’s only available at certain times. It’s very fun!

doesnt make any sense to have it not up at all time 100% need to change it

Lost Ark PvP event 6v6 MVP Scrapper 1.5 mil dmg and top kills - YouTube i need this mode maybe 3 x times a day with 2 hours open minimum :))

Co-op is poor name. Co-op = players vs AI in almost all games.

It should just be called battlegrounds, or something like this.


How do you even join this? Every time I look, even when at correct time according to schedule, it’s grayed out for me like I can’t queue?

Are you looking in the ingame clock? Make sure you try to join during the time according to the server time. Been playing it almost everyday hehe

I’ve been queuing at the right time. Sometimes the ‘queue’ button is grayed out, sometimes it isn’t, but even when I queue I can’t get into a game.

Please consider extending the available playtime for this pvp mode - it’s lots of fun and I feel like the limited hours is resulting in many players not being able to experience and enjoy it. :frowning:

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These are so much fun.
Would be awesome if these were one on one off days. Not everyone can play during the event times.

I freaking love it . I would also love it if it would be more times during the day .

Should be always on and you can just pick your map or else rotate the map daily or whatever but it should always be available. Rename it to 6v6 battleground or something too

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I wish that this was not on a single day. I have only been able to play this once because I had stat holiday. it doesn’t seem fair to most players that it’s locked to certain day and time.

if ur an artillerist this map is for u.