Co-op Battle Can't Queue

Always greyed out, before during & after the co-op pvp battle timer. Can never join for some reason. Anyone know how to join queue or why I can’t?

Are you able to join the regular pvp matches?

Yup, have been playing Elim and TDM flat out. I spent 40 mins trying to queue for co-op and just kept getting various errors.

I was going to suggest that maybe you didn’t set up the book of coordination, but if you’re able to queue for the other modes, that’s obviously not the problem.

Hopefully someone who’s experienced this and figured it out can help. Sorry it’s buggin out for ya :frowning:

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It’s grayed out for me too, and I just did a normal match before, so my Book of Coordination is set up alright.

Not only that, but it tells me that “Next battle begins on 2022.03.10 Ironlands”

And it’s our weekly guild quest. So is this a me bug, or should I put in ticket to change the guild weekly quest?

You need to be in a party of 3

No you don’t. I just had a game today at last.