Co-Op Battle Feedback - More queuing options and more often!

TLDR: Allow people to queue in parties of 2 for Co-Op Battle and add more frequent/longer queue windows!

For those that haven’t played it, Co-Op Battle is essentially a 6v6 battleground. It has two lanes with some objectives to battle over (the objectives vary weekly) and you accrue points from capturing objectives and killing enemy players. It’s availability is unfortunately limited to a couple hours on weekdays and a longer window on weekends.

You can queue solo. You can queue in a party of 3. I’m not sure if you can queue as a party of 6, but for whatever reason you can’t queue in a party of 2. If parties of 3 were always matched with and against other parties of 3, I could see why that limitation exists. That’s just not the case, however. So why not allow parties of 2 to queue?

The Co-Op Battle is a good source of PvP points (pretty certain a loss gives more than a couple wins in 3v3) and it’s fun to have a different game mode other than TDM to enjoy. It would also be nice to have Co-Op Battle available more often.


I love Co-Op hope we can sign as party of 2 and they make it permanent not only during specific ours.

Yeah it’s reasonably fun. I feel like there’s enough players to justify it as a permanent game mode. I’d rather see the team elimination mode made the rotating one if necessary, as that is by far the worse.